What's New With Our Dogs .....

2010 Highlights

December 5, 2010 - At our Cal K9 Obedience Club Trials, we decided to end the year with a BANG!!!!  Great news on 2 fronts .....

First off, Wicca and Barb entered the Novice A ring for the very first time EVER, and they did so in style.  Barb and Wicca not only earned 2 legs of their CD title, they did so by going HIGH IN CLASS and a Second in Class!!!!!  FABULOUS JOB GALS!!!!  Barb was so surprised when the judge, Eva O'Keefe, called her number as the HIC dog, she didn't move ... I wish I had had a camera on her facial expression when she realized it was her!!!!

And my dear Ruckus!  Once again, never ceasing to amaze me ..... we entered the Novice B ring for the first time together.  Sigh, something we have worked so hard for ...... he was fantastic other than one distracted blip on his part (all part of his charm), and we came out of the ring with a 196.5, Second in Class AND Highest Scoring Breeder/Owner/Handled dog in the trials!!!!!!!!   So very exciting for me as his breeder!!!!!

October 30 - 31, 2010  Sit Happens! APDT rally trials in Calgary were held and both Wicca and Jewel attended.  On Saturday, Wicca and Barb earned a 206 in level 1 with some nice teamwork ..... good jobs gals!  And on Sunday, Jewel made me proud once again to be at the end of her leash.  She was entered in both level 1 trials.  In the first trial, she earned a perfect 210, and was only 5 SECONDS shy of a tie for High in Trial .... never the speediest .... In her second trial, she earned a 206!  Icing on the cake was that because of her score in the first trial, she earned the HIGHEST SCORING SENIOR DOG IN TRIAL for the Sunday!

October 6, 2010 - We got some EXCELLENT news from Barb, who owns Wicca, our special girlie, was ranked #13 in Canada in APDT Rally for 2009!!!!  Way to go girls ......

September 14, 2010 - RCC National Sieger Show here in Calgary had some pretty exciting results for us.  All of these ratings were under judge Lucy Ang.

So for starters, some exciting news about Ruckus's babies with Roxy ..... Rene kept two of these little beasties and both of them did INCREDIBLY well for just under 5 months old.  First off, the boy, Chance (aka VP-1 Rated Coulee's In Odd We Trust) was shown by his breeder and earned a VP-1 rating.  His sister, Bling (Most Promising Female Puppy, VP-1 Rated Coulee's Key To Midnight ) showed how stunning she really is, and she not only was rated VP-1, but she also earned MOST PROMISING FEMALE PUPPY!!!!!!  Their pics and critiques are up on their webpage!

Next was Dax's son, Sarg, also out of Roxy.  He is just 17 months old and showed great for him momma, Stacey.  He is now formally known as SG-3 Rated Canadian Champion Coulee's Maintain the Right.  Sarg's picture is up on the 'RCMP' Litter's page, his critique will be up soon.

Now, also very exciting was Brenna earning a SG-2 rating.  She showed like the little mad girl that she is.  Her pics will be up soon, her pics and critique are there!

And last but NEVER least, little Ruby.  She did great, I handled her to an SG-1 rating.  I am very proud of the little bean ..... her pictures and critique will be up on her page when we get them!

September 7, 2010 .... HAPPY EARLY 1st BIRTHDAY to our 'Twilight' Litter!!!

September 4, 2010 .... HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to our 'Dixie Chicks' Litter!!

August 15, 2010  RCC Herding Instinct Test, held just outside of Calgary.  We had a few of our own dogs entered, either bred by us or of outside breedings.  Some success, some not so much, but everyone had a great time with sheep.

Our own little Seeker baby, Magnum, passed his HIC at the age of 11 months old.  Not to be outdone by his daddy, Dax, who played with sheep for the first time in 3 years.  He did fantastic as always! 

For pictures and all of the details about who was there and how they did, click here to see our Herding 2010 page!

August 5, 2010, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to our crazy 'Horse Power' litter!!!

July 17-18, 2010, Evelyn Kenny Show in Calgary, finally some show news ... really!!!!

Ruby went Best Puppy in Breed both days shown, Sunday was also by her owner Carla, which is FANTASTIC.  She is starting to mature, and is getting a hang of the show 'thing'!!!!

Jewel earned her 4th RAE leg, and did it nicely considering I have not worked the dogs much the past few months .... and on that note :o), Ruckus finished his RA title with some respectable scores of 93 and 97 .... he worked quite well overall!

June 16, 2010 - we are VERY excited to welcome the newest addition to our home .... she is the FOURTH GENERATION in our home, her name is Karma and she is Ruckus' daughter!  Come and meet her!!!

June 7, 2010 - we got some excellent news from the NACA dog shows this weekend in Edmonton, Alberta .... Dax has his first champion kid ..... Sarge finished his Canadian Championship at just over one year of age, all owner handled! Congrats to Stacy and Sarge's breeder Rene Meloche!!!

June 2, 2010 - HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to our 'Dream Litter'!!!

May 1, 2010 - CADF Heart and Eye Clinic in Calgary ..... 7 Akamai Grandbabies had their hearts and eyes tested and cleared at the annual clinic .... from the MokoBreeze 'Smallville' litter, Brenna, Kya and Piper all passed and from the Coulee Reg'd 'RCMP Tribute' litter, Della, Macha, Sarge and Maverick all passed!!!! 

Congratulations to their respective owners and breeders, Cindy Chan and Rene Meloche!

April 23, 2010 - As it is in the circle of life, Ruckus and Roxy now have 10 precious bundles ..... click here to see the Coulee Reg'd Rottweilers 'Koontz' litter.

April 18, 2010 - We had a very sad day in our home, we lost our old girl, Jager, to natural causes, very quickly.  Our much loved singing dog now joins Justice at the Rainbow Bridge.  God Speed Angel Jager .....

April 2, 2010 ... HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our first litter, our 'Harry Potter' Litter.  I can't believe Jewel's first babies are 5.  Where did that time go?

March 2010  We got some awful news today from Cindy ..... Sadly and suddenly, Kalli was lost to GI lymphoma (aliementary lymphoma), a very quick and invasive form of cancer, at the VERY young age of 2.5 years.  Our condolences to her family, owner and co-breeder Cindy Chan and her husband Jason and their daughter, Brianna.

RIP Kalli girl .....

March 12 - 14, 2010 in Calgary, we had a busy weekend.

Our little Wicca and momma, Barb had a 2 title weekend between the CKOC show and the APDT rally trials held at Sit Happens!  They finished their Rally Excellent title with a second in class and they also finished their APDT Rally Level 1 title with another second in class score.  All of Wicca's score in APDT rally now qualify her for the APDT Achievement award  as well.

Ruckus and his momma Moka, and Cindy all entered the Rally Advanced ring for the first time and both dogs came out with their first RA legs!  Moka also went Best of Opposite sex in the conformation ring on Friday!

Ruby made her show debut at the CKOC show on Friday at just over 6 months old and she did beautifully.  She was a little pro.  

And lastly, Jewel made her ring debut for the first time in just over a year.  She earned her third RAE leg with a second in class in excellent (score of 95) and a HIGH IN CLASS in advanced with a perfect 100!  And for her first APDT trial in 2 years, she earned a 201 ... despite my awful handing... she had so much fun and I was absolutely thrilled to have her in the ring with me again!

February 6-7, 2010  AKC show here in Calgary, Wicca and Barb earned 2 legs of  their Rally Excellent title with some great scores! 

January 10, 2010 - Our kennel is now permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club! 

So what does that mean?  It means that we have fulfilled the requirements of the CKC which are 1.) we are registered members  in good standing of the CKC for more than 10 years, 2.) we have bred 5 or more dogs who have earned CKC granted titles and 3.) we have NEVER been subjected to disciplinary action by the CKC.


We are very proud of our young breeding program, this being granted to us 3 months shy of our first litter turning 5 years old!!


January 1, 2010

Well, here is our 2009 recap.  I had this notion that 2009 was a fairly quiet year, and I suppose by all accounts for my own personal dogs, it has been, but when I did a tally of all of the titles my own dogs and dogs that I have bred have accumulated in 2009, it wasn't so shabby afterall.

2 Canadian Championship titles (Ruckus and Lexi)

2 Pre-Novice Obedience title (Ruckus and Wicca)

1 CKC Rally Novice title (Moka)

2 Caro Rally Novice titles (Moka and Wicca)

4 Temperament test titles (Kalli, Lexi, Digit and Mercedes)

1 Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame Inductee (Seeker)


TOP 20 APDT Canadian Standings, both Jewel and Seeker were ranked for 2008, and continuing with more APDT news, Moka and Wicca both earned 2 legs towards their APDT Rally Level 1 titles.


We also can't forget that Dax sired 3 litters in 2009, one outside litter as well as our 2 of our own in house litters.  These babies all arrived in September 2009.  You can see them by going to visit their respective pages, 'Dixie Chicks' Litter and our 'Twilight' Litter.


So, now onto big things for 2010.  I can't wait to start to update this page with more excellent news from our dogs!