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 2011 Highlights


December 2-3, 2011, CKOC Show here in Calgary, Ruby and Scotia were entered 2 days and I am pleased to say, although neither got points, both girls made me proud.  Ruby went in to the show ring for the first time in a long time with her owner Carla and they won their class both days but she also took Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday!!!  Impressive!!!

Scotia's goals for the weekend were to show under some semblance of control .... and we are still working out the kinks of what works for her showing and what doesn't.  Moving a little slower seems to keep her brain under control, and on Sunday she actually made it around the entire ring on her last go round head looking forward, NOT up at me!!!  Not that I am complaining that her attention rarely moves from me, but she needs to learn the the show ring it is not necessary to trot head up .....

Judge Joe Lobb's comment made me giggle a little, but WAS also a nice compliment .... 'she is your performance dog, isn't she?' .... why YES she is .....

November 24, 2011 - Scotia and I took a drive out to Phantom Ridge Ranch to play with sheep and maybe learn a thing or two.  Well, after 20 minutes of instructor Louanne Twa working with the little beastie, something went CLICK in her brain and she discovered sheep are not necessarily to chase, but to move nicely and keep together, and after 40 minutes, little girl earned her Herding Instinct Certificate .... more herding to come with Louanne, Scotia and I .....

November 2011, In Red Deer, we went with the intention of getting Scotia used to the show ring and to finish Ruckus' RE title.  And we did just that.  Scotia was a happy, bouncy puppy .... moved around the ring pretty well, and stood for her exams both days entered.  She didn't do anything otherwise, but once again she showed me that nothing phases her and that is what we wanted to accomplish this weekend!  She also passed her CERF eye exam with flying colors!!!

Ruckus also finished his Rally Excellent title with two very distracted runs.  Completely different than the week before at Sit Happens! .... but our goal of completing the title before the end of the year is accomplished so back to strictly concentrating on traditional obedience for a while and fine tune the boy ....


In Armstrong, BC, Rene and Bling (Ruckus' wonder-kid) did it once again and on their first try, earned their TDX title.  Doing so they were the only team to pass the TDX tracks, and Bling is just 18 months old!!!  WOW!!!

October 29-30, 2011 - Sit Happens! in Calgary, we fully enjoyed another weekend of APDT Rally Trials with Ruckus and Jewel!  These guys put on awesome trials with great people and judges (Sarah-Jane Petti and Tammy Brooks) all the time and I had a super time once again!!!

So, the good news out of this weekend is that Ruckus earned 2 legs towards his Level 1 title (he was only entered in two).  He did so with a 202 (which was a fifth place score) and a 199!!!  And he once again had a great time doing so!

Wicca, Jewel's baby girl, also earned the first of her Level 2 legs with a third place score of 201!!!   Yay Barb and Wicca!!!

Finally, our Matriarch Jewel, finished her Level 3 title.  She was entered in 3 trials and earned 3 second place scores of 202, 201 and 204 respectively.  With this title, Jewel also earned the 'title' of RETIRED.  At just over 9 years old and with 15 titles, she can now call it a career!  Enjoy my girl!

October 22, 2011 - Camrose, AB, we got some exciting news that 2 of Ruckus's kids earned their TDI titles this weekend.  Both Bling and Chance are now Certified Therapy Dogs!!!  This is an amazing thing as only dogs with impeccable temperament can earn this title!!!  Way to go!!!  As well Chance went Best of Opposite Sex in a class of 16 dogs!!!!

October 15, 2011 - RCC Herding Instinct test held just outside of Calgary at No Chicken Ranch, Scotia, Ruby and Tala (both Seeker's daughters) were tested and 2 of three passed!!!  Sigh, our little Scotia was described as having UBER-drive .... and definite keeness.  However, only our Seeker babies, Ruby and Tala passed, and both did so with flying colors!!!

September 17, 2011 - We received VERY EXCITING news about one of Ruckus' daughters out of his one and only litter produced thus far .....  Breeder/owner AND handler Rene Meloche not only finished Bling's Canadian Championship and earned her CGN titles as well in August 2011, but she also went on in mid-September 2011 to earn Bling's TD (Tracking Dog) title!!!  AMAZING!!!  And this was all before 18 months of age!!!  What a great team they are and we could not be prouder Ruckus and I!!!  Click here to see more of these amazing puppies!!!

September 4 AND 7, 2011 ..... It's truly hard to believe that is has been 2 years since the arrival of my last 2 litters, which happened to arrive just 3 days apart.  Wishing a very HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to my 'Dixie Chicks' Litter, first to arrive, and then my 'Twilight' Litter, arriving just 3 short days later via emergency c-section ..... where does the time go? 

August 5, 2011 - Very HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to my very special 'Horse Power' Litter!!!

In July 29, 2011, At the AKC show held at the world renowned Spruce Meadows, WIcca and Barb earned the first of their open obedience legs with a third in class score and I couldn't be more proud yet again, given just 2 weeks before Wicca had scared herself on the high jump and was refusing it .... these two are just amazing!!

And, my very own Captain SPAZ, Ruckus, earned his CGN title!  He has been such a work to get to NOT hug friendly strangers, this was a HUGE accomplishment for him and given the fact that he did it just before his 4th birthday, it was like a little gift as well!!!

July 16, 2011 - EKKOC show just outside of Calgary, Jewel and Ruckus were entered in a one day stint of obedience, with some great results.  Ruckus earned his first Rally Excellent leg with a 4th in class score of 97.  Never to be outdone by grandma Jewel, who went High in Class in the same class with a 99!!!  Jewel also did her first Veteran's obedience trial and she did so with a High in Class score of 192.5.  Not too bad considering we have not worked one bit in months and she hasn't done ANY formal obedience in 2 years .....

July 15, 2011 - Our special girl, our foundation bitch, first champion, OTCH and first puppy Momma, Jewel, turns 9 years young today!!!!

July 14, 2011 - Ruckus is confirmed onto the RCC Honour Roll for 2011, and he also ranked 4th for the year of 2010 in Rally Advanced!!!  Jewel was ranked in a three way tie for FIRST in Rally Obedience overall in 2010!!!  Some surprises for us, like Christmas in July!!! 

June 2, 2011 - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our second litter ... the 'Dream' litter!!!

May 1, 2011, we were informed today that Miss Wicca ranked #5 in Canada in the APDT Rally Canadian rankings for 2010 in level 1 .... wow, Barb and Wicca are absolutely on a roll!!!!!

April 30, 2011 - we are very excited to announce that Karma and Bling from Ruckus' first litter, Jasper from our 'Dream' litter and Ruby from our 'Dixie Chicks' litter ALL passed their heart and eye clearances here in Calgary today!!!!!

April 4, 2011 - please help us welcome our newest addition, Scotia!!!!!


March 25-28, 2011 - Camrose, Alberta at the Battle River Canine Association shows, I am SOOOOO excited to announce that Ruckus has his first champion offspring in his 11 month old son, Chance who went BOW, BOS and BPIB Friday, BOW and BOS on Saturday and finally BOS on Sunday!!!  He was breeder/owner handled to all of his points as well, which is fabulous for Rene!!!

March 18, 19, 2011 - at the MOST ENJOYABLE annual St. Patrick's Day APDT Rally trials held at Sit Happens! ..... Both Wicca and Jewel had a great weekend.  Wicca and Barb had 3 rally level one trials and did super in all 3, with scores of 203, 200 and 198!!!!  Way to go gals, once again.  Jewel and I entered the level 3 ring for the first time and to say that nerves got the best of me the first trial would be an understatement, we had a great run on Saturday, not qualifying for the round by literally ONE SIT .... sigh ..... but Sunday we redeemed ourselves and earned our first leg with a 200. 

As always these trials are fun, light and a great time! 

March 11, 12, 2011 - at the CKOC Show here in Calgary.  We have great obedience news!!!  Wicca and Barb finished their CD title this weekend after a lot of hard work!!!  So very proud of these two, since Wicca was destined for a life as a couch potato when we placed her at 16 months old!!!!

And Ruckus and I completed his CD title this weekend with a 195.5 (fourth in class) and a 195 (third in class).  I am so very happy that we are starting to work together as a team now, although still very much a work in progress ..... it was a great weekend indeed!


February 3, 2011 - We got some very sad news from Red Deer today .... our little Earthbound Sun has left us .... Jacob from our 'Twilight' Litter was born with a kidney disorder and unfortunately, at almost 18 months of age, he died of renal failure.  Despite being 'sick' his whole, short life, Jacob was very active and loved by his family, Bridgette, Casey and Jada Coley, Emma, his vets and his daycare ..... he is very missed by everyone as well. 


Godspeed wee Jacob ....



January 26, 2011 - We learned today that Ruckus is RCC Honour Roll Eligible for 2011.  What a great way to start off the year!!!!


January 1, 2011

Well, here is our annual recap ..... none too exciting, but all in all a good year.

January 2010, our little kennel became Permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, which for me is a pretty huge honour!

In some sad news for the year, in March, Cindy and Jason lost their girl Kalli, who is Ruckus's littermate, to a nasty form of cancer.  She was just 2.5 years old.

In April, we lost our very very special old girl, Jager.  She was THE best dog ever, and she had lived a very full life, passing of natural causes at the age of 12.5 years.  I will always consider myself very blessed to have loved her and to have had her in my life.  She was a great dog, a great ambassador for her breed, and she is and always will be very missed by myself and my kids.

Ruckus sired his first litter in April 2010, thanks for Rene Meloche for considering our boy for stud service. 

For our new titles for 2010, they are as follows:

1 SG-Rated (Ruby)

1 Rally Excellent title (Wicca)

2 ADPT Rally Level 1 titles (Wicca and Moka)

1 Herding Instinct Certification (Magnum)

2 Rally Advanced titles (Ruckus and Moka)


We also have a few titles to finish up first thing in the new year.  Currently, Ruckus has one leg towards his CD title, and Wicca has two, so we are looking forward to our first updates of the year very soon!


Special thanks once again to all the wonderful owners of all of our puppies!  Without you guys we would not be where we are today!!!