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2012 Highlights


December 17, 2012 - unfortunately we are ending our year on a sad note for our little kennel.  We have lost the first puppy from our first litter at 7.5 years old.  Parker, who was our VERY FIRST born puppy for our kennel and to our Jewel, crossed to the Bridge after a short battle with Osteosarcoma.  His family did what they could to make is last few months comfortable and they loved him as much as they could.  I am happy to say that I was able to see him along the way and he was his usual happy self, until he was not.  Godspeed Parker and our thoughts are with Pam, Mike and their sons Connor and Hunter, and Lexi, their other rottn dog ....

December 1, 2012 - CKOC Show in Calgary, Scotia and I entered the show ring for the last time for 2012 and we ended up with another 2 points towards her Championship (sitting her on 5) when she went WB, BOW and BOS on Saturday!  I am very pleased with how Scotia has shown this fall and the fact that she also came away with half of her Canadian Championship in just 3 days of showing, who can complain???

November 3-4, 2012 - Red Deer and District Kennel Club show, we went up Saturday and Sunday for conformation with Scotia and I am so pleased to report that she came home with her first 3 points towards her championship.  She went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex both days, on Sunday she also went Best of Winners!!!  She is showing so well now, although we could use a little polishing but that will come.  We got a lot of fabulous comments on her as well! 

October 28, 2012 - Sit Happens! Annual Halloween APDT Rally Trials, where sadly we were not entered in for the first time in a long time because I have no one quite ready for trialling right now ... BUT Barb and Wicca were :)  They were going to attempt to finish their RL2 title but managed just one, but had 2 fantastic rounds I am told.  Wicca earned her second level 2 leg with a great score of 207 and a second in class after a run off.  Awesome news!

September 4 and 7, 2012 .... We have double 3rd birthdays :) .... on September 4, 2009, Seeker had her one and only litter of puppies, our 'Dixie Chick' Litter.  And on September 7, 2009, Dax sired his second litter for us out of Mercedes, our 'Twilight' Litter was born September 7, 2009, Labour day no less :)  17 puppies graced our house for 8+ weeks and they were the last puppies that we had. 

August 5, 2012 - A very HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to our wild and crazy 'Horse Power' Litter!  I can't believe they are 5. 

July 16, 2012 - EKKOC show here in Calgary, Barb and Wicca were back in the open obedience ring as veterans and the earned their second leg towards their CDX title!  I am so proud of the both of them!!

July 15, 2012 - Our most special girl turned 10 years old today :)  Jewel, our foundation, matriarch, best ever puppy trainer and super working partner is one decade old ... I can't believe how fast the time has past my girl.

June 5, 2012 - Tara and Karma (Ruckus' baby girl) joined Scotia and I out herding this morning so she could try her paw at sheep ... and I am proud to say that she earned her Herding Instinct Certificate!!!  Way to go Karma and thank you Tara for bringing her out!!

June 2, 2012 - HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to my very special 'Dream' Litter ... I know I say it with every litter and every year but I am always amazed at where the time goes .....

May 11, 2012 in Medicine Hat we worked really hard and Ruckus finished his Novice Intermediate title with another second in class and a 191.5 and I think, other than one hiccup on our heel free, was his best run yet!  Awesome buddy .... this I believe also now makes our token boy Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame Eligible for 2012!!!

May 5, 2012 - GREAT health news!!  Scotia passed her OFA Cardiac test today!  Her number will be pending shortly!!

April 8-9, 2012 - Scotia and I attended the Janice Gunn Seminar here in Calgary.  We learned a lot by watching others but in our own problem solving sessions we came away with a few breakthroughs and a whole lot of new tools to work with ... if you want to learn a little more about Janice Gunn, click here!  She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and competitve obedience! 

April 6, 2012 - Red Deer Kennel Club show, we travelled up for the day with Ruckus to try to get one more leg towards his Novice Intermediate title and he did so with a very nice run.  He worked really well, earned a 188.5 and a second in class with one 'no sit', but I got some fabulous compliments from the judge about his work ability and his athletic ability :)

April 5, 2012 - A very special HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to our very first litter, our 'Harry Potter' litter.  As of this year, they officially become veterans in the eyes of the Canadian Kennel Club.  So hard to imagine that.  Both Momma Jewel and Daddy Caemon (who turned 12 in February) are doing very well .... I am happy to report :)  Many more to come little ones .....

March 17, 2012 - Sit Happens! annual St. Patrick's Day APDT Rally trials, we are happy to announce that Ruckus finished his APDT Rally Level 1 title with a 199 score, plus an extra leg with a score of 191.  He did great!  He also, in finishing this title, also did so with scores that earned him an Award of Excellence!  I am very proud of my boy!

March 4, 5, 2012 - CKOC Show ... It was a Scotia and Ruckus weekend!  Scotia showed remarkably better than her last show and although she didn't get any points, I was pleased with her. No crazy-baby movement or pacing and she is almost perfect with her free-stack!

Ruckus and I decided to try out the Novice Intermediate transitional obedience class that I have not entered into since Jewel finished her CDI title back in 2006 I believe.  Ruckus worked wonderfully but for one blip in his first trial and earned his first leg with a 185.  I personally screwed up his second trial by telling him to 'dog' instead of 'down' in the drop from heeling exercise.  He would have had a great round otherwise ....  Whatta good man he is!!!

February 17, 2012 - APDT Rally Canadian National Rankings are out!  We are very excited to have 3 generations PLUS in the top standings for 2011!!!  Jewel, in her retirement year ranked #19, she ranked along with her daughters Wicca, who ranked #17, and Moka who ranked #34.  BUT we also have Moka's 2 children in there as well, both our Jewel's grandkids!!!  Ruckus ranked #27 and Brenna ranked #31!

January 10, 2012 - Ruckus and Scotia became the first 2 Rottweilers ever to be entered in the new OFA Dentition Database.  What this means is that their complete/full dentition was documented and certified by a veterinarian.  In Canada Rottweilers must have complete dentition, otherwise it is considered a disqualifying fault and they can not be shown and should not be bred.

January 1, 2012 .... Welcome to yet another new year.

We like to start off the year with a recap of the previous year, so here it is!!!

Ruckus was a busy boy in 2011.  We started the year off by learning he was eligible for the Rottweiler Club of Canada Honour Roll!  He also ranked 4th in Rally Advanced in Canada for 2010!!!  He completed a few new titles and started a few as well.  He finished his CD title in March, earned his CGN in August and finished his RE title in November.  Lastly, he earned the first 2 legs of his APDT Rally Level 1 title in October!

In March, we welcomed our newest addition to the family ... Scotia arrived from Ontario.  She is bred by and co-owned with Johnna Glover of Eirian Rottweilers and we are forever grateful for this little tailed beast who is a wonderful, fun-loving little worker-bee.  She is gorgeous and we are very excited about her future!  Scotia has been busy with her obedience training and started to show a little in conformation!  She did earn her HIC title in November and is now dabbling in a litlte herding with her 'coach' Loanne Twa ....

In October 2 other dogs of our breeding earned their HIC titles... both Ruby and Tala out of our 'Dixie Chicks' litter did so with flying colors!!

Our beloved foundation bitch Jewel, who turned 9 years old in July 2011, was officially retired in October when she finished her 15th title!!  She earned her APDT Rally Level 3 title with an Award of Excellence and I could not be more pleased to let her enjoy the remainder of her days as the boss and Matriarch of the house!!!

Also back in the news with us is Miss Wicca who ranked #5 in Canada in the APDT Rally Canadian rankings for 2010 in level 1!!!  She also earned the first two legs of her APDT Rally Level 2 title in October.  She also finished her CD title in March 2011.

From one of our outside litters, and to date Ruckus' only litter, bred by Rene Meloche of Coulee Reg'd Rottweilers in Rocky Mountain House, AB, we are very proud to say that these puppies have gone above and beyond all of my own expectations before 18 months of age.  As of the end of 2011, they have earned 2 Canadian Championships (Chance and Bling), 3 CGN titles (Chance, Bling and Boss), 2 TDI titles (Chance and Bling) AND, BLING the SMARTY worker who is loved and owned by breeder Rene, earned both her TD and TDX titles in short order in the fall!!!!  AMAZING!!!  I am very proud as the owner/breeder of the stud dog of these wonderful puppies!!!!  You can visit them by clicking here!!!  

More to come in the next few months!!!!