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2015 Highlights


November 22, 2015 - for our last event of the year, Scotia and I just had a 'fun' trial here in Calgary at our obedience club's annual trials.  We were entered in the Novice Intermediate level once again and Scotia did great.  She earned a 192.5.  Now really, onto open work in the new year.  Once I get rid of my jitters .....

October 18, 2015 - Scotia and I participated in the Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada's 2015 draft test held in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

This was a VERY challenging course. I am very happy to announce that Scotia earned her DDX (draft dog excellent) at this test. What a heart my girl has, worked so very well with stamina to spare. Although I was nervous at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the test. This is the very first DDX earned by any of our dogs :)

We passed the test in good company with our friends Tina and Bach also passing their DDX and Gwen with Lana and Panache passing their BDDX (pictured below)

The wonderful Wicca, who we brag often about, who is owned, loved and trained by Barb, also participated in the DDX but didn't quite make it. However, the fact that Wicca is 10.5 years old and still healthy and sound enough to run this test is icing on my 'breeder cake' ....

Thank you to judges Dawn Fretts, Paul Bagnall and Traci Geremia for all of those 'Ps' on our scoresheets

September 18, 2015 - at the Rottweiler Club of Canada Canadian National Sieger show held here in Calgary, we were busy busy at this awesome show. The judge was ADRK judge and Kormeister Helmut Weiler of Germany.

Grady and her brother Gadget were shown in the 6-9 month old puppy classes and both showed well. I was particularly happy with Grady as hand stacking is not her thing, clearly self stacking at sieger shows is more her thing. She earned an VV1 rating and her brother earned a VV3 rating. Lovely critiques on both of them, click the links above to read their respective critiques.

Next we did the veterans class. Now this was pretty special for me as a breeder as there were 6 veterans entered and three of them were of my own breeding, representing my three first litters. Ruckus was in first, showed beautifully. He was in the ring with his 10.5 year old daddy Vader and his breeder/owner and friend, Marina so this was pretty special in that way as well.  No ratings for the ol'folk but they were given wonderful critiques and a new giant dog bed.

I was also given the honor of handling in the female veteran class the lovely and accomplished Wicca, who at 10.5 years old is still happily working with her momma Barb. She showed great for an old gal who never really liked to show in her youth.

And our last representative in the veterans class with our girl Seeker who has been living the easy life in the country with our friends Katrin and Jim (who also own Gadget) for over a year. I am pretty sure Seeker was smiling the whole time she was at the show, she loved to show and she did super as well for a girl just over 9 years old.

Finally, was my lovely Scotia. She ran and ran and often did really excellent heeling while doing so, she earned a V2 rating with a super critique. No matter what we do together Scotia never disappoints me at all. This was just one more experience for us as a team.

September 14, 2015 - CKOC show in Cochrane, Alberta, Scotia finished up her Novice Intermediate title with a high in class score of 190.5.  Now officially on to open for us ....

July 30 - August 3, 2015 - at the AKC show held at the amazing Spruce Meadows in Calgary, we once again took full advantage of the show and the facilities and spent the weekend camping on site.  On Thursday before the show officially started the Bernese Mountain Dog club held a draft test where Scotia and I were entered in the DDX along with a number of our friends.  It was an excellent environment to run this stressful test in, the weather was extremely hot and Scotia worked her heart out for me.  We did not pass but were just so very very close it hurts. 

On with the rest of the weekend, Scotia earned one more bonus leg in rally excellent with a 94 and a third in class, and then she earned the first 2 legs to her Novice intermediate (CDI) title with a 192.5 and a 195.5.  I felt like her and I were actually working together like a team in these obedience trials which was the best thing I left the ring with each day .....

Grady was entered all four days in conformation and although we did absolutely nothing at all, we did leave with a puppy who handled the handling by new people each day and she had a lot of fun, perhaps too much!

 July 12-13, 2015 - EKKOC show just outside of Calgary .... Scotia and I are officially DONE with rally.  She finished her Rally Excellent with an 84 (10 point handler error deduction on that one) and a bonus leg with a 94 ....

June 15, 2015 - Today we said good-bye to our very special little girl, our matriarch, and the very best working companion I could have ever asked for.  Jewel, the little wonder dog, was sadly helped on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, to join her former housemates, kids and siblings who have gone before her, after a long 9 month battle with rare skin cancer.  In the end, her immune system finally just gave out, but she did surprisingly well for months after her diagnosis in October 2014, giving us a full half year longer to spend with her than we were initially given.

May 2015 - we learned today that our super smart Wicca and her wonderful owner Barb, finished two new titles in Caro Rally ... she earned her Caro Working Rookie Class I title.  Earlier this year she also finished her World Cynosport Rally Level I championship and her ARCH titles.  Wicca just turned 10 in April so these titles are absolutely fabulous.  She is a true working girl :)

May 16, 2015 - CKOC show in Cochrane, AB, Scotia and I ventured back into the obedience and rally rings.  Well, we are rusty ... 1/3 on the weekend but she did earn one more leg to her Rally Excellent title with a third in class score of 91.

We also got started on some DDX training and Grady had a great time schmoozing people at the show for the 2 days we were there.

May 3, 2015 - In Ontario, Scotia's son, Jake (formerly Leonard) earned his HIC like a pro!!

With big things planned for 2015, we feel the best way to start it off is by recapping 2014, so here goes:

We started and ended our year with Scotia Puppies.  March 16 our first litter in 4.5 years arrived, 2 puppies, one boy and one girl.  They became our 'Big Bang' Theory litter and are happily enjoying their lives in excellent care in Eastern Canada. 

December 27 Scotia welcomed her second and final litter.  3 boys and 5 girls, at the time of my typing this out they are almost 4 weeks old and doing great!

In between these litters, Scotia was pretty darn busy completing some titles.  In May, she earned her Rally Novice title in 3 trials in one weekend when her babies were just 8 weeks old. 

In August, she finished her Canadian Championship, earned her Rally Advanced title and earned one more leg to her Novice Obedience title.

Finally, in September, she finished her Novice Obedience title with 2 more high in class scores and our first ever run off and she earned the first leg of her Rally Excellent title.

Phew ....

And to our lovely Wicca, who at 9+ years old is still working, training and competing in many venues with her awesome owner Barb Burgess.  In 2014, Wicca earned 4 new titles.

In March she earned the last 2 legs for World Cynosport Rally Level 3 with an Award of Excellence (both scores 205, one a first place, one a second)

 In October she earned last leg for CARO Excellent title with a CL designation (CRXCL)

 And finally in December, she earned her Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.


So, off we go, to work for another year, Cheers!

DDX and possibly even getting Ruckus into further carting training in 2014.