'British Invasion' Litter


Born: December 27, 2014.
5 girls and 3 boys

This litter was co-bred with Eirian Rottweilers in Ontario and was our first natural tailed litter.

Above is Mr. Red, at 20 months old

Nessa and Grady at 11 weeks (photobombed by their mother)

Akamai Calista of Eirian

Callie was our pink collar girl and is owned and loved by Tansy Pauls and looking forward to an active life on Vancouver Island ... can't wait to see what they are up to as Callie grows up!

Callie has her very own Terrier named Weiser too :)

VV3 Rated CKC Ptd.
Akamai Aladdin Sane of Eirian

Well Gadget was our light blue collar boy and now resides with our friends Katrin Becker and Jim Parker in Cochrane, AB.  They had also given our Seeker girl her retirement home and have a plethora of amazing animals to spend time with.

Gadget was shown in November 2016 to his first point, owner handled by Katrin!

CKC Pointed
URO-1 Akamai Double Decker of Eirian RN SD-S SP SDDA-A/SP TT HIC

OFA Hips # RO-76787G30M-VPI
OFA Cardiac # RO-CA7233/14M/C-VPI-ECHO

Mr. Red collar boy became known as, well, Red ... We have high hopes for this boy as his new Momma Sada Gagnon is active in nosework with her Cattledog, and will handle him herself in conformation in the future as well ....

His future is quite exciting!!!

Red and his owner Sada earned their first working title together in April 2016.  He earned his Scent Detection Started title.  They have been working so hard together and Red is still young, this is a huge accomplishment for them!

Best of Breed
CKC Pointed

URO1 VV1 Rated
Akamai London Calling Eirian RI DD CA CGN CRNMCL TT HIC

OFA Hips # RO-76426G26F-PI
OFA Elbows # Left Normal/DJD1 UR
OFA Dentition #
OFA Eyes # RO-EYE1076/28F-VPI
OFA Cardiac # RO-CA7393/22F/C-VPI-ECHO
OFA Advanced Cardiac # RO-ACA203/28F-VPI
CHIC # 121506

This little turd is our keeper from this litter, she was the yellow collar girl and although she didn't have the most 'worky' temperament test, she is coming along quite nicely indeed. 

You can visit her very own page here!

Akamai Maggie Mae of Eirian

Maggie was our little orange collar girl.  She now resides just outside of Nelson, BC with the Buchans! 

Maggie is going to be kept very busy with them and will enjoy her life living on a mountain ....

Akamai A Quick One V Eirian

Nessa was our purple collar girl and went to live with  her new family at almost 12 weeks old.  She was such a great puppy to have here for that long and we sure missed her when she left to join Colin and Phylliss Campbell in Regina, SK, but I knew this was where she was meant to be almost instantly ....

Both Colin and Phylliss are active in different canine sports.  Phylliss with her Dalmation Georgia, are very active in agility.

I am so excited to hear how these guys are doing!

Akamai Big Ben of Eirian

This big dude was our dark blue collar boy and a big suck of a puppy.

Not too much had changed when we looked after him for a few weeks at 13 weeks old.

He is a sweet boy who has his own kids and 2 other older, smaller, boss dogs to himself ....

He is owned by Tarra and Todd Munro of Airdrie, AB.
Akamai Quaking Aspen of Eirian

Little Crazy Aspen was our green collar girl.  This girl now lives just up with street from us with the Bergsteinssons and with our Ruckus' sister Lexi.

This active family was a perfect fit for Aspen and we are so very happy to have another one of our puppies to be residing with them!

After having such a small litter in March of this year, we felt our young girl can handle having one more litter this year so that she can have almost a full year of maternity leave, then back to full time working in 2015.

We are thrilled to announce that she was bred to a dog we have admired since his arrival in Canada from the UK.  His pedigree is not only amazing, filled with many successful show and working dogs from the UK but also from Europe.

So without further adieu, here he is:

'08 RCC Nat'l BISs, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Hanbar Hendrix HIC
AKA 'Jimmy'

His Clearances are:

OFA Hips Good - RO-70429G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows - Right Normal/Left DJD1
OVC Hips/Elbows Normal #0041735
OFA Cardiac Normal - RO-CA4072/20M/C-VPI
CERF Clear - RO-7015
CHIC #62560

This is also a line-breeding back on DT/VDH-CH Gesa von der Scherau
SchH 3 AD BH IPO 3.  I am very excited to see what these two can produce together. 

Special thanks to Scotia's breeder, and Jimmy's owner Johnna Glover of Eirian Rottweilers, for allowing this breeding to happen!


'08 RCC Nat'l BISs, Can/UCI Nat'l/Int'l CH Hanbar Hendrix HIC


BPIS, BOPIS Pendley Sinbad
Aus GCH, NZ CH Rumour Has It By Fantasia Fantasa Jade Budda
NZ CH Linden Grange Cut Above
Eng CH Pendley Pansy Potter Eng CH Fernwood Horatio
Pendley Wallis

Eng CH Hanbar Wendy

'01 Fr-JS, '02 Fr Sieger, '02Landsberg-Lech Sieger, Germ CH Janosch vd Scherau

Rex vh Frick
DT-VDH CH Gesa vd Scherau

Eng CH Hanbar Nula
Kiko Jailbirds Mra-Zus at Gamegards
Eng CH Schutzer Valhalla at Hanbar

RCC Versatility Dog 2016

RCC Hall of Fame 2016

Multi High in Class

Multi High in Trial


V2 Rated

Can. Ch.

Eirians Hellava Ride to Akamai CDX RE DDX CA CRNMCL CRNT CGN TT HIC

Multi V1, Multi CAC Ch. Timo Von Der Scherau ZTP, BH, AD, VPG/SCH 1

DT. VDH-CH. Akino von der Lauterbrucke

-BJSgr 95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke
 BJS96 -KJS96 Onda von der Teufelsbrucke
 DT VDH CH Lucie von der Scherau


KS/ES/BS00,WS01,VDH,GrVN,CH Arko Von Der Werther-Stadt
DT/VDH-CH Gesa von der Scherau
SchH 3 AD BH IPO 3

Multi V1 rated Can/UCI Int'l Ch. Eirian's Creative EnergyTT HIC


Multi V1 Belgium KS'04, '05 Dutch KS'04, RCC Sieger '07, Yug Ch. Ramzes Crni Lotos


Gref Crni Lotos

PRM (5)

JRSp 81972 Rot.


YU CH. Daisy Crni Lotos

3x PRM, 3xR. CAC, 3x CAC, Young CH. YU, CH. YU, IPO-1

JRSp 81697 Rot.

 Ch. Kaynoble's Twist N Shout Kayla's K Noble British Blend
Ch. Kaynoble's Flying Change