Herding Instinct Evaluations In Stettler, AB

May 24, 2008


Moka and her kids - Moka is lying in front of 6 of her puppies from her 'Horse Power' litter: (left to right  behind her) Katrin and Digit, Cherokee and Kratos, Pam and Lexi, Mike and Ruckus, Kalli all by herself, and Phyllis and Brogan.

The puppies were just under 10 months old at the time of the evaluation, and they were also joined by Uncle Parker (Akamai Nine N Three Quarters TT HIC) and and Auntie Jasper (Akamai Bud Dreams of Jasper HIC).

All 8 of our dogs that were entered in the test passed with flying colors.  Here are some of the pics from the testing itself.  The Tester was Tami Butterwick of Ruffstock Australian Shepherds and she was a fabulous tester with lots of advice and insight into what each of the dogs were doing when they were in with the sheep.

Digit was the first in and did a great job with his owner, Katrin Becker. 

Lots of prey drive in this young man!

He is now known as Akamai N Mokobreeze Eclipse HIC.

Japser surprised her owner, Carla Giesbrecht, by showing her awesome herding instinct right off the bat.



She showed lots of stamina and drive, we were all pretty impressed with her test!

Jasper is now known as Akamai Bud Dreams of Jasper HIC!



Kratos was a little apprehensive at first, but he took to the sheep quite quickly and did wonderfully for his 'mom', Tisha.

Both Tisha and Cherokee Gehring own Kratos and have done a wonderful job with this little man.

He is now known as Akamai N Mokobreeze Holy Bull HIC.



Here is Brogan earning his HIC with mom Phyllis going for a run with him - we didn't get to see him do his run as he was before our times, but I was told he had it all in order!

So, Brogan is now known as Akamai N Mokobreeze Giacomo HIC and is owned by Lindsay and Phyllis Bauder.


Parker proved to us that sometimes maturity is what is needed to be able to focus enough on the sheep to show instinct.  2.5 years after his first test, Parker was completely focused on the sheep this time round as opposed to just the sheep poop.  He dragged me around the ring quite nicely!

He is now known as Akamai Nine N Three Quarters TT HIC!


Not to be outdone by her housemate Uncle Parker, Little Lexi went out there into the ring and should phenomenal herding instinct and calm working ability ....

Both Parker and Lexi are owned by Pam and Mike Bergsteinsson.

Lexi is now known as Akamai N Mokobreeze Ruffian HIC.

Kalli eyes the sheep in her round at the test.  She had her own distinct way of herding the sheep ....

Kalli was handled by her owner/co-breeder Cindy Chan.

She is now known as Mokobreeze N Akamai Ladys Secret HIC.



Our own Ruckus was the last of the bunch to enter into the herding ring.

He, like Lexi, was a very calm, collected worker in the ring and got some fantastic comments.


He kinda proved to me that he really does have the capability to calm down and think too, which I was wondering about ;o)!

Ruckus is now known as Akamai Bold Ruckus HIC!


What? You thought the picture at the top was EASY to set up with 6 puppies in it?