Multi-High in Class Scoring  #5 Obedience Rottweiler in Canada 2002

Rottweiler Club of Canada Honour Roll 2005

  Coultrains Poetic Justice CDX BH CGC CGN TT HIC


December 28, 1998 - June 27, 2007



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Justice came into our lives after a long 8 month wait from WAY out on the west coast of Canada in Surrey, BC.  He was a little fireball right from the moment he confidently walked out of the crate at the airport.  He came to us from the late Kathy Cooper of Coultrain Rottweilers and we are so thankful to her for gracing our lives with this little man!  Right from the get-go I knew this was going to be one fun dog to train and to learn with and boy was I right.


Justice is 8.5 years old in the picture to the right.

In May 2003, Justice was awarded the Top Obedience Dog Award 2002 for placing fifth among Rottweilers in Canada in points accumulated during obedience trials. We were so excited, we worked so very hard and all of that work really paid off.

Justice was a medium-sized male standing 25 inches tall and weighing in at 105lbs. He had an outstanding temperament, he was confident and trustworthy; he was pretty happy-go-lucky, making friends where ever he went!  He was a joy to live with from the time we brought him home and was wonderful with our children since the day they came home.  He had not been a part of our breeding program so we will never know what he could produce. He was neutered in the fall of 2003 just before his fifth birthday. Justice remained the number one obedience dog and puppy trainer in our home until the day he left us.


JJ and me at our BH Trial May 2004

Justice's mother, Murphy, was the first Canadian-bred Rottweiler to obtain her herding titles.   Check out our working page to see Justice  in action!

Justice earned his BH title in May 2004 at the age of 5.5 years. 

In July of 2005, it was confirmed that Justice made the Rottweiler Club of Canada's Honour Roll for 2005!  Just a little icing on the cake for me and my number one MAN!

And, in March 2006, Justice earned his CGN title like the great BIG man that he was!


Justice at his best - in the tall grass at my brother's farm in BC in May 2007.

Justice officially retired from the obedience ring in 2004.  He enjoyed his retirement on the couch, and was always busy 'training' the puppies that come for visits!  He was diagnosed with spondylosis of the spine in 2 of his vertebrae in early 2007, and although not entirely physically the same boy, he was still the same fun-loving goofball we have enjoyed all along!

In June 2007, Justice underwent surgery to remove a cancerous lump (Fibrosarcoma) from his left elbow.  The surgery did remove the tumor in it's entirety, but he needed another invasive surgery to repair the flat of skin placed over the hole left by the tumor which did not take the first time.  He was such a special boy.  He was a trooper, and  handled the pain, the poking and prodding very well. 

The second surgery was not successful either and we were faced with the choices of amputating his front left leg, or the unthinkable.  Given his spinal issues, and the amount he had been through already, we opted to release him of his pain.  Justice passed over the Rainbow Bridge June 27, 2007.  This decision has left a hole in my heart, and although it was very painful to make, I know it was the best decision for him.

I would like to thank Dr. Beth Barrett and Pet Heaven for making his crossing so much easier.

The site below has been very informative regarding cancer in our beloved pets.


Justice's Pedigree

RCC Honour Roll 2005

Coultrains Poetic Justice 



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