Herding Dog # 1 - Our Justice's Mom who we were blessed to have live out her days with us!

Can. Ch. Coultrain's Miss Murphy Brown CD BH HT HS PT JHD HIC CGC TT


August 5, 1994 - May 3, 2005

Sire:  Can. Ch. Coultrains Nyte Ryder  Dam:  Coultrains Sara Von Westwood


Although Murphy was with us in our home only a short time, we came to love her dearly.  She walked into our home after a very long car ride to Calgary, said 'hello' to all of the dogs, the kids, Darcy, and then looked for the nearest hand to pet her ..... and that was the way she was everyday, with everyone she met.  She was a beautiful, gentle soul who has made a huge mark on the hearts of all of those she met.

Every morning we went for our car ride to Tim Horton's for coffee, she would be more than happy to come to do all of my errands.  Murphy was my 'American Express' dog - I never left home without her!!!

She was the first dog Jewel accepted in the whelping room with her puppies, and Murphy slept in there with me every night after that.  Jewel understood Murphy's wisdom I think!

Justice and his Mommy, March 2005!!  Just a little family resemblance!!!


This page was created as a sort of dedication to both Murphy and Justice's breeder, Kathy Cooper, who passed away December 24, 2004 after a lengthy battle with Cancer.  Murphy was our Justice's mother, and both she and Kathy accomplished a great many things in their years working together.

Murphy was entrusted to us before Kathy's death by Kathy herself, and we finally brought her to her forever retirement home here with us in March of 2005 with the transport help of Jackie Can and Traci Geremia. (thanks guys!!)

So, where do we start about Murphy's accomplishments in her life?  Well, for one thing, she was the first Canadian bred and owned Rottweiler to hold Canadian herding titles.  She was, in her prime, an active girl, earning many titles as you can see above.  Kathy was very active in herding and obedience and Murphy was right along there with her. 


Murphy's herding titles are many.  She has her HT (Canadian Herding Tested), HS (Canadian Competitive Herding Title - Herding Started), PT (American Pre-Trial tested), JHD (American Herding Breed Association Junior Herding title), and her HIC (herding instinct certified). 

The photo above is  of Murphy and Kathy herding.



And, to her credit, before she was retired, she also earned 1 leg of her CKC Intermediate Herding title and 1 leg of her AHBA Ranch 1.  She also finished her third level of herding with a High in Trial score of 98 out of 100!!!! 

To top all of those accomplishments off, Murphy is also a Canadian Champion, to which she was handled, like all her other titles, by Kathy. 

Thank you again Kathy, for allowing another wonderful Coultrain dog to steal our hearts.  You and Murphy are once again, herding sheep and enjoying your time together!   We miss you both!