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2017 Highlights


November 2017 started off in Red Deer, Alberta at the RDKOC shows.  Grady came away from that weekend with a lovely case of cold (limp) tail so nothing went quite her  way ..... Scotia and I played in Rally Obedience where she earned a PERFECT 100 for a High in Class, and a 90.

Grady earned her Canine Good Neighbor (CGN) title on the 20th of the month as well.. She did great, I am so very happy with how far she has come in her almost three years.

The following weekend at the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada rally trials, Grady finished her Rally Intermediate title with two more High in Class scores of 99 and 93. 

October 2017, Camrose Alberta, Red and his owner Sada finished their Rally Novice title with a High in Class and Red also earned the first point towards his Canadian Championship owner/handled!

September 9-10, 2017 - CKOC Show in Okotoks, AB, Grady and Scotia and I opted to attend the local show rather than heading to Edmonton to the UKC show this year.

Here, Grady earned her RN title with a High in Class PERFECT score of 100, and was moved up to Rally Interemediate and earned her first leg with another High in Class score of 99!

We also entered our first Pre-CD trial and Grady qualified for her first leg. No scores are given in this class, but her work was great, I was very pleased!

Scotia and I are keeping ourselves busy doing Rally Excellent runs until we are ready for Utility ... and her run this weekend was great until she got up on the very last exercise, the sit stay, when I was returning with the leash ... bad Scotia LOL

In Edmonton however, at the Rose County Canine Association Obedience and Rally trials, Grady's brother Red finished his URO-1 title and earned the first leg of his URO-2 .... well done Red and Sada!!!

August 19, 2017 - Foothills Gazehound Club, just outside of Calgary, we attended the Chase Ability Program tests today with Grady and Scotia!

Grady wrapped up her Chase Ability title that she started last September with two very vocal, very clean runs! 

Scotia ran her little heart out and  added two legs towards her Chase Ability Excellent title.

I do love events like these that you can just unload your dog and let their natural ability do all of the work!

August 3 - 6, 2017 - Busy Busy weekend for me and the girls.

Rottweiler Club of Canada Draft test was up first, Grady was entered in her first draft test, and although we had practiced and trained hard, I was still skeptical of our readiness.  Well Grady worked her little heart out and earned her DD with flying colors.  To say I was pleased with her work would be an understatement, she gave me her all!  So special thanks to Judges Paul Bagnall, Lisa Williams and Judith Snowdon for the honor of  her Draft Dog title!

Then we were onto the Alberta Kennel Club show held at Spruce Meadows.  Grady and I were entered in conformation Friday - Sunday, only thing of note that happened there was that she took reserve on Saturday.

We were also entered in the Rottweiler Club of Canada National Specialty in conformation with Grady and Rally with both Grady and Scotia.

Super fun, Grady was awarded Best Bred by Exhibitor in Conformation.

In Rally obedience at the national specialty, both the girls did super!  Grady earned an RN leg with a 97, and Scotia was entered in Excellent and got a 99.

I also had the pleasure of handling Wicca in Veteran's conformation at the specialty at the age of 12 years and 4 months!  As a breeder this is quite an honour, let me tell you!

Grady also earned two other Rally Novice scores, one being  another 97 score, second in class but this was a supported booster and was also awarded the Highest Scoring Rottweiler in Rally Trial.

Finally, the last day both Scotia and Grady earned High in Class scores of 98 and 99 respectively.  This would have been Grady's RN title but all three of these runs were under the same judge.  We missed (due to conflict with the specialty) the only run she had under another judge, so this title will have to wait just a little longer for completion.

June 17, 2017 - Chinook Schutzhund Club/Rottweiler Club of Canada put on a Temperament Test and I am proud to report that both Grady and her littermate Red passed with flying colors!

June 2, 2017 - Happy 11th birthday to our 'Dream' Litter, of which I believe that there is only one puppy remaining alive ... have a great day Bella!

May 14, 2017 - CKOC Dog Show in Okotoks, AB, Grady earns another point towards her Canadian Championship by going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and BEST OF BREED!!!!  Handled like a champ for me!  I was very proud!!!

May 6, 2017 - Y-Knott Ranch in Okotoks Alberta, the Rottweiler Club of Canada held a Herding Instinct Test and Red and his Momma Sada were entered. Red is a very large boy, but he is such a good boy, he passed his HIC with no problems at all!

April 2, 2017 - Happy 12th Birthday to our 'Harry Potter' litter, of which we know for sure that there are THREE of these babies still alive and adored by their families.  Wishing Dax, Wicca and Razzle a truly special day!

March 2017 - CONFIRMED that Scotia is the #4 Rottweiler in obedience in Canada for 2016!

March 18-19, 2017 - Rose County Canine Association spring UKC obedience and rally trials held up in Edmonton, Scotia, Grady and I made the trip again and had a super time.

First off, Grady entered her first ever obedience trials, she had 2 Novice B rounds. No Qs for Miss Grady, but we now have an excellent picture of what areas are needed to be proofed better for whenever it is we enter again.  Her heeling was amazing, she held her stays, and she had a happy attitude out there ... all super good!  She is a slowly maturing bitch, so where we were at to this point is totally expected!

Scotia just needed one more leg for her open title for the weekend, but we were entered in all three trials to give her the best chance possible to get it.  Well this girl did not disappoint.  Not only did she finish her U-CDX title with a high in class, she also qualified two more times, with another high in class, a third in class, a HIGH IN TRIAL and HIGH AGGREGATE on the weekend for obedience!  To say I was over the moon would be an understatement!

And not to be outdone by his mom and sister, Red was entered in his first Novice Rally trials at the show, with his momma Sada.  They did excellent, and Red came away with the first two legs of his URO1 with a high in class and a second in class!  Way to go!!!

March 16, 2017 - HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to our 'Big Bang Theory' litter of two special babies ... hope you both had a wonderful day!

January 20-22, 2017 -  Alberta Kennel Club show in Calgary, our first show of the year did not disappoint.

Grady was entered in conformation for the first time since the fall, and in only her third show weekend, and she came away from this weekend with HALF of her Canadian Championship points going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on Friday under Peggy Gutierrez-Otero (Mexico) for three points and Winners Bitch on Sunday under Cec Ringstrom (Canada) for 2 points.  Icing on the cake was that Grady also handled as though we have been taking handling classes LOL

We will start off with our usual yearly recap .... these years seem to just slip by so fast .....

2016 was busy pretty much from the get-go.  Our dogs' personal achievements are listed below:


United Kennel Club Novice Obedience (UCD)

United Kennel Club Rally Obedience Level 1 & 2 (URO1 and URO2)

United Kennel Club HIGH IN TRIAL from the Open B Class

(along with 2 legs of her UKC CDX)

CARO Rally Novice (CRNMCL) - with a perfect 200 score

CARO Rally Novice Team (CRNT)

Chase Abilty (CA)

Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)




CARO Rally Novice (CRNMCL)

United Kennel Club Rally Obedience Level 1 (URO1)

Herding Instinct Certification (HIC)


Grady also earned one leg towards her Chase Ability title, we are hoping to finish that one when the season starts up again in the spring.  She also passed her OFA echocardiogram with flying colors and is continuing on with her health testing in early 2017.


Her littermates, Red and Gadget were also active in 2016.  Red and his owner Sada earned their Scent Detection Started and Advanced titles and Gadget earned his first point towards his Championship with his owner Katrin handling him.  These boys are both from our 'British Invasion' litter.


We also sadly, lost a few of our beloved pups, including our own Seeker.


This is the reality of breeding.  There are so many 'ups' but you have to pair that with many 'downs' as well ...


Onto 2017 ... hoping it will be busy, prosperous and above all else, fun!!