SG-4 Rated

Multi Best Puppy in Breed

Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame Eligible for 2009

ADPT Award of Excellence 2008

APDT Rally Achievement Award/Canadian Top 20, #15 in 2008

Number 6 Rally Obedience Rottweiler in Canada 2008 (#2 in Advanced and #3 Excellent)

Can. Ch. Akamai Dreamseeker CD RE BH RL1 CGN TT HIC



June 2, 2006 - December 27, 2016



My Health Clearances:

OFA Hips RO-69122G24-PI 


OVC Elbows NORMAL # 0039264 

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA2994/13F/C-PI

CERF - RO-5854 

OFA Thyroid NORMAL RO-TH502/25F-VPI 


CHIC DNA Repository RO-DNA-107/S

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Seeker spent her retirement years at Katrin Becker and Jim Parker's lovely farm in Cochrane, Alberta and eventually had her own minion in Scotia's son Gadget. 

She spent most of 2016 battling cancers in her mouth.  Removed once, she did really well for months without chemo, just a non-cancer diet and supplements until the tumors came back.  Katrin and Jim felt she was ready to be released to the Bridge in December 2016, and I was able to be there when she passed on the 27th of month.  Godspeed Queen Seeker.

Well, this is our 'little beast' - she is out of Jewel's second and final litter and were  hoping for some big things from her right from the get-go.  No pressure kiddo!

We called her Seeker after well over a week of just not knowing what to call her at all.  At 9 weeks, she thought her name was PUPPY.  She had to really fit the name we gave her.  She is certainly an inquisitive and curious girl, and Seeker just seemed to suit her personality.  Now that she is a bit older, we have come to realize that she is also living up to her name.  She is an attention-SEEKER, a hand-SEEKER, a belly rub-SEEKER .... you name it, she seeks it out.  Funny how that happens.

She is a sweet, loving and outgoing little girl who has just wormed her way into the hearts of all of us!

At a very young age, Seeker showed us that she was a natural self-stacker.  Her topline and movement is beautiful; she is a much-improved version of her mom Jewel.  She resembles her dad Buddy incredibly in looks but is very much like Jewel in her personality and mannerisms. 



As a mature bitch, Seeker has turned out to be so many things to us:  she is beautiful, a happy girl, a happy worker and a wonderful mother.  We totally adore her. 

She matured out to be 24 inches tall and 80lbs.

Seeker did prove to be a very slow maturing bitch, exactly like her mother, so we gave her some time off from the show ring to mature in 2007 concentrating on her working and fun stuff.  

Seeker is a very eager worker and tracker and she started her show career in early 2007 with a Best Puppy in Breed win and 2 Reserve Winners Bitch wins.  She showed like a lunatic but had SO much fun, how could I be mad at her?

Her second show weekend, March 2007 here in Calgary, Seeker went Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed for her first point!!!  She kept it together and showed beautifully as well! 



She really does love to show.  She loves to move, and move she does with correct Rottweiler movement in her reach and drive.

We went to the RCC National Specialty in Chilliwack, BC in May 2007.  Seeker showed beautifully for both myself and her auntie Marina.  She went second in Juvenile Sweeps in the 9-12 month female class, second to her sister Tessa in the Senior puppy female Class and she helped her Momma Jewel earn second in the Brood Bitch Class in a competitive class of 7!


 (Right) Tessa and Seeker placing first and second in the Senior female puppy class at the 2007 RCC National Specialty in Chilliwack, BC in May 2007.  Special thanks to Marina Skoreiko (pictured with Tessa) for handling Tessa to her win!.


But before the specialty, we got to play with sheep!  Seeker earned her Herding Instinct Certificate with fantastic remarks from tester and CKC Herding judge, Shelley Fritzke.

Right is Seeker with the sheep and Shelley!

Seeker was SG-4 rated at the USRC Northwest Regional Sieger show in DeWinton, AB on July 22, 2007 at 13.5 months of age.  She showed beautifully in the intense heat and she ran her little butt off (and mine).   If there is one thing that this puppy does extremely well is MOVE and MOVE FAST.

Seeker earned her CGN and TT in August 2007 at the AKC show in Calgary at the age of 14 months.  She also went reserve winners bitch all three of the days she was shown!




Special thanks to Lisa Williams for taking this candid shot of Seeker and Traci in the ring in March 2008, moving to a 5 point weekend.


Seeker earned the first 2 legs of her CKC Rally Novice title in February 2008 with scores of 94 and 96. 

We had some fun in the rally ring for the first time and hoped to carry on and finish the title over the next few months.

She did this along side her momma Jewel, who also earned her first 2 legs to her RN.

Seeker also earned the first leg of her APDT Rally Level 1 title with a score of 202 in March 2008!

Seeker brought home 5 points towards her championship at the CKOC show here in Calgary in March 2008 taking Best of Opposite Sex all three days.  We were thrilled needless to say.

One of Seeker's win at CKOC March 2008 under judge Janet Lobb.


Special thanks to Traci Geremia for handling Seeker to her points on Saturday and Sunday, giving me the opportunity to watch her move around the ring (Seeker, not Traci ; o )).

Seeker finished her Canadian championship in April 2008 in Red Deer with Traci handling her again to her wins on both Friday and Saturday.  She also earned her CKC Rally Novice title the same day with a score of 97 (she earned another 97 in rally novice the following day)

Jewel and Seeker`s BIG weekend in Cranbrook, BC, August 2008. 

She finished her APDT Rally Level 1 title in June 2008 with a 203 and 193 which should also give her an Award of Excellence for her hard work.

In Cranbrook, BC in August 2008, Seeker earned the first leg of her Novice Obedience title with a 188.5, 1 point shy of high in trial.  Judge Jeff Lunder made some super comments about her great attitude in the ring, which was better than earning the leg of her CD.  She also earned 2 legs towards her Rally Advanced title with scores of 100 (second in class) and 90.  She has so much fun in the ring in Cranbrook, I was just beaming!

In Edmonton in September 2008, Seeker finished her Rally Advanced title with a 95 and the next day earned the first leg of her Rally Excellent title with an 87 (due to a -10 point HANDLER ERROR ...).  And to finish off the weekend in Edmonton, Seeker earned one more leg towards her CD with a 193.5!

Seeker had a 2 title weekend in Red Deer in November 2008, finishing her CD on Saturday with a Third in Class score of 185.5 and for her 'bonus' leg on Sunday, went High in Class with a 190.5.  She also finished her RE on Sunday (94), she earned her second leg on Saturday with a Fourth in Class score of 97. 

Seeker earned her first RAE leg in May 2009 in Medicine Hat going high in class in Excellent.  Only 9 more to go ....

At the end of July 2009, we found out that Seeker is the Number 5 Rally Obedience Rottweiler in Canada in 2008, she is also the number 3 Rottweiler in both Advanced and Excellent levels!

Seeker almost 8 weeks pregnant.


Seeker welcomed her first and only litter on September 4, 2009, which was sired by Dax!  She had 6 girls and 2 boys and you can see more of them by clicking here!

She is a wonderful girl who now spends most of her time just being a dog, 'the QUEEN' actually, and she is basically retired from anything and everything but being our loving, silly girl.  She may just be entered into some rally trials through 2011 and 2012, much to her dismay, we shall see .....

Seeker and her daughter Ruby in May 2010 .....



Seeker attended the RCC Canadian National Sieger show in September 2015 in the veterans class under ADRK judge and Kormeister Helmet Weiler from Germany.  She was just over 9 years old at the time and was SO happy to be out at a show she was smiling from ear to ear the whole day.  Her Critique is below.  The veterans were not given ratings.

Seeker's Pedigree

Am/Can. Ch. Von Marc's It's Bud Time Am/Can. CDX CGC

Am/Can. Ch. Von Marc's Zaber CD

ARC Bronze Sire 

MRC Honor Roll

Am / Can / Mex / Int'l Ch. Quick Von Siegerhaus CDX, SCHI, TT, Ztp, Gold producer
BISS Select 1 Am. Ch. Birch Hill's Hasso Manteuffel CDX
Am/Can. Ch. Meid Von Siegerhaus
SP Lady Chyme Von Siegerhund CD Achat Vom Dammerwald
Am/Can. Ch. Laadie Drayea Von Siegerhaus
Mein Eika Von Siegerhaus CD Can. CDX Am/Can. Ch. Stonehill Wind Mountain Eiko CD Am. Ch. Eiko Von Schwaiger Wappen CDX SCHIII FH
Woodlands Dealers Choice
Am/Can. Ch. Xandria Von Siegerhaus CD Am / Can / Mex / Int'l Ch. Quick Von Siegerhaus CDX, SCHI, TT, Ztp, Gold producer
Am/Can. Ch. Nemesis Von Siegerhaus CD

Can. Ch. OTCH Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL3 CGN TT HIC

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator


Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show

Int/Dt. VDH Ch./WS'94/WJS'91/ES'94/BS'93/ KS'93/OBS'93

Ken Vom Schwaiger Wappen SchIII, IPOIII, FH, AD, BH, Gekort bis Eza

Can Ch. Briere Bewitched BOSS

Maasai's Classic Impression

Can.Ch. Davinghof Fathomfire of Maasai CD

Maasai's Barshanna Sunshine CD

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Moonlight Echo

Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT

Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD

Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD

Can. Ch. Shacoram's True Believer

Am/Can. Ch. Aramars Abraham Grizzwold 

Maasai's Classic Impression