RCC Versatility Award

RCC Hall of Fame

Multi Best Puppy in Breed (CKC Pointed)

High in Class

APDT Rally Achievement Award/Canadian National Rankings, #13 in 2009, #9 in 2010, #17 in 2011


VP3 ARCHX Akamai Wicked This Way Comes CDX DD RE





Whelped:  April 2, 2005



My Health Clearances:

OFA Hips RO-67950G24F-PI  

OFA Elbows - DJD1 

OFA Cardiac - RO-CA2380/13F/C-PI  

CERF # RO-5476/2005-7 






Wicca at 10.5 years old in the Veteran's Class at the RCC National Sieger Show, September 2015
AMAZING NEWS from Regina, Saskatchewan, October 5, 2013, Wicca earns her DRAFT DOG title first try!  I am so excited about her being the very first of our own homebred dogs to earn this title!!!

Wicca was our 'little' keeper from our first litter out of our Jewel.  She was assessed as our working/show prospect - but even the best laid plans go a wry.

Wicca ready to track in October 2008!

Wicca is an absolute joy to live with and is certainly the life of the party.  She initiates almost all of the play, so you know when she is around, watch your kneecaps.  However, Wicca has decided that she has no interest in working and would rather be on the couch than go to a show, so after MONTHS of deliberation, we decided it might be best if we found her a loving pet home where she can just be the REAL Wicca all the time.

So, Wicca was spayed at the beginning of September 2006 and now lives with her fur-parents, Barb Burgess and Paul Peterson of Calgary and her niece, a Jewel granddaugher named Brenna, formally known as SG-2 Rated Best Puppy in Breed (CKC Pointed)Mokobreeze Legacy of Akamai RN CRNCL CGN HIC.  Just after Wicca's second birthday she completed her final health clearances.  Numbers are above under her name.  Although she is spayed, she became our first fully health tested pup!

Some of the reasons we picked Wicca in the first place is that she proved to be a more substantial bitch than her mother; in bone, girth and just general size.  At  3 years old, she is 85lbs and 24 inches (61cm) tall.  Her structure overall is what we were looking for as well, we are pleased with her dark, dark eye, dark mouth pigment and short back.  She also has a fun-loving temperament to die for!

October 1, 2005, Wicca and Dax went with 'Grandma' Traci to Langley, BC to attend the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger show.  Wicca was entered in the 4-6 month female class and was awarded a VP-3 rating under US judge Bill Alexander.  Her critique is below:

Judge Bill Alexander

4-6 Month Females VP-3 Rating

Almost 6 month, large, good bone, large to medium foreskull, good muzzle, stop could be more pronounced, medium dark eye, dark lip pigment, very nice neckline, chest is deep - still developing, straight front legs, good pasterns and good feet, very good top and bottom line with slight tuck underneath, strong well muscled rear, long springy strong hock, very good color and markings, pencil lines on toes, scissors bite.  Crosses lightly front and rear with very good side movement.

Some of her accomplishments thus far are as follows:

Wicca was also along for the ride for a herding instinct test in August 2005 and she passed, earning her HIC just before 5 months of age.  She was entered in her second herding instinct test in November 2005 and her performances were like night and day.  She was on FIRE at her second test, not only did she pass again, but she scored higher than her mother, Jewel!  Wicca also earned her CGN title in March of 2006, at 11 months of age!  In July 2006, Wicca also earned her Temperament Test title.

Wicca had also accumulated 4 points towards her Canadian Championship before we spayed her.

She is now quite busy doing lots of new things with her owner Barb.  They earned 2 legs of their CKC Rally Novice title in April 2008 in Red Deer with scores of 96 and 88.  I couldn't be more proud of them as Barb has never competed with a dog before and she and Wicca did a fantastic job!

In August 2008 at the AKC show in Calgary, Wicca and Barb finished their RN title with a tie for 4th place in a large class.  The next day, they earned the first leg of their RA title.  What a team these 2 are proving to be!

Wicca also earned the first leg of her CARO Rally Novice Title August 17, 2008 with a second in class score of 188!

Wicca and Barb along with myself and Cindy and Kalli (below) attended a tracking seminar in October 2008 and her instinct came through!  In Red Deer in November 2008, Wicca finished her RA with 2 fourth in class placements and also earned the first leg of her Pre-Novice (PCD) title.  Awesome work guys, I couldn't be prouder!

At the Cal-K9 trials in Calgary in November, Wicca earned her second PCD leg .... excellent year for Barb and Wicca!  She finished her PCD in February 2009!

June 2009, Wicca and Barb finished their CARO rally novice title with 2 more great scores qualifying Wicca for the RNMCL title!

In March 2010, Barb and Wicca had a 2 title weekend between the CKOC show and the APDT rally trials held at Sit Happens!  They finished their Rally Excellent title with a second in class and they also finished their APDT Rally Level 1 title with another second in class score.  All of Wicca's score in APDT rally now qualify her for the APDT Achievement award  as well.

Wicca was ranked #13 in Canada in APDT Rally for 2009!!!!  Way to go girls!!!! Nice surprise from these gals.



And finally for 2010, Wicca and Barb earned a wonderful 206 in APDT rally level 1 ..... just for fun!  What more can you ask?  Let me tell you .... Wicca and Barb entered the Novice A ring for the very first time EVER, and they did so in style.  Barb and Wicca not only earned 2 legs of their CD title, they did so by going HIGH IN CLASS and a Second in Class!!!!!  FABULOUS JOB GALS!!!!  Barb was so surprised when the judge, Eva O'Keefe, called her number as the HIC dog, she didn't move ... I wish I had had a camera on her facial expression when she realized it was her!!!!

And onto a fabulous start for 2011, Barb and Wicca finished their CD title in March here in Calgary with a respectable score of 187!!!  Their picture is below ....

In July, 2011, WIcca and Barb earned the first of their open obedience legs with a third in class score and I couldn't be more proud yet again, given just 2 weeks before Wicca had scared herself on the high jump and was refusing it .... these two are just amazing!!

To say I am proud of these 2 is an understatement.  Wicca went to live with Barb now 4 years ago to be a pet and a couch potato, and look at what they have accomplished!  Wicca is certainly in the best home possible!!!!!

Wicca now also has one leg towards her APDT RL2 title as of October 2011.  These two are on a roll ....

NEWS!!!  Wicca and Barb finished their CDX title in January 2013!!!  Wicca became Jewel's first advanced obedience titled kid at almost 8 years old!!!!  I am so proud of these 2!!


July 23,2013,Wicca and Barb completed their Caro Rally Advanced title as well.  We believe this is her 13th title.  Awesome!

Miss Wicca and Barb completed their World Cynosport Rally Level 3 title at Sit Happens! with scores of 205 and 203 for an Award of Excellence as well, and for a bonus leg with a score of 204!   This was Wicca's 15th title that she earned less than 3 weeks before her 9th birthday, not only matching her momma Jewel's title count but doing it in half a year sooner than Jewel did.  And she is still working towards other titles, I am so very proud of this team!!!

In October 2014 she earned last leg for CARO Excellent title with a CL designation (CRXCL) and in December, she earned her Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.

2015 is no less busy for Miss Wicca, she has finished her World Cynosport Rally Level 1 Championship title (ARCH) and her Caro Working Rookie Class Level 1 title (CWRI) ....

Wicca attended the RCC Canadian National Sieger show in September 2015 in the veterans class under ADRK judge and Kormeister Helmet Weiler from Germany.  She was 10.5 years old at the time and I was so pleased to be able to show her myself while Barb baited her outside the ring.  And for Wicca, who dreaded showing as a youngster, she showed her heart out at this sieger show :)  Her Critique is below.  The veterans were not given ratings.

Wicca is pictured right in the Veteran's ring!


Wicca's Pedigree

Multi V-rated AOM Am./Select Can. Ch. Rothburg's Kourage Under Fire ZtP CDX Am. CD DDX RN BH CS CI HIC CGC.

Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT

Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD
Am. Ch. Weissenburg's Legend CD HCT

Am/Can Ch. Vanlare's Celebration Am. UD Can. CDX HIC
Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD
Buster Von Konigsberg

Heidi's Roxanne Von Konigsberg

Can. Ch. Rothburg's Fire From Heaven CD TT

BISS Can. Ch. Schosshund's Bryloukis Okidoki CD TT HIC 1994 Canadian FVR Sieger

BISS Ch. Simeberg's Gangster CD TT

Ch. Grizzly Bear's Atreyu TT

Can. Ch. Montclaire's Coca Cobana CD TT

Am/Can Ch. Multi V-Rated Pico Von Hegestrauch BH SCHI BST

Can. Ch. Minkhollow's Brianna Am/Can CD

Can. Ch. OTCH Shacoram's Just Say When CDI RE BH RL3 CGN TT HIC

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Smooth Operator

Can.Ch. Briere Fabio Sieger Winner Most Beautiful in Show

Int.Ch. Ken Vom Schwaiger Wappen, SCH III KS WS

Can Ch. Briere Bewitched BOSS

Maasai's Classic Impression

Can.Ch. Davinghof Fathomfire of Maasai CD

Maasai's Barshanna Sunshine CD

Can. Ch. Shacoram's Moonlight Echo

Can. Ch. Rothburg's Guardian Angel CD TT

Ch. Shadowdale Spirit Of Chicago CD

Ch. Parksprings Haven Of Rothburg CD

Can. Ch. Shacoram's True Believer

Am/Can. Ch. Aramars Abraham Grizzwold 

Maasai's Classic Impression