Our 2020 litter arrived June 10, 2020, 3 boys and 3 girls ….

Our Grady was bred to the amazing Leto, the puppies are all in their new homes including the little girl we kept. We will be updating the website with a page for her very soon!

We are tentatively planning a new litter for late 2021.

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To find out a little bit about how we raise puppies and what an Akamai Registered Rottweiler comes with, please keep reading!

all on deck 7 weeks

Our Puppies are raised in our home and completely under foot of all of the people in our household.  Our adult dogs live in our home as well, and for this reason and SO MANY others, we like to see that potential puppy buyers are looking for a house pet, not a dog who will live in the yard, dog run or kennel situation.

We also Puppy Aptitude Test our litters at 49 days old (7 weeks old), so as to ensure that we can match the right puppy for each potential puppy buyer.  We DO NOT allow the puppy to pick their home or allow the first puppy that walks up to you to go home with you.  The Rottweiler needs to be correctly placed with the right person, and we feel that having an unbiased, experienced person/persons do our aptitude testing gives us a clearer picture of the temperament of each of the puppies.

Our puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club on a Non-Breeding agreement and will have a written contract and will leave our home with either a microchip or tattoo, first set of vaccinations and a vet check, they are dewormed, we DO NOT remove front dewclaws.

Please note that after our March 2014 litter we will NO LONGER BE DOCKING TAILS. 

Having enjoyed life with our lovely tailed Scotia, we have decided to let our puppies be as natural as possible including keeping their tails.  You can show and work a tailed Rottweiler just the same as a docked one, so we have made the decision to stop docking our puppies.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please email us!