Akamai Ahead By A Century NTD

July 23, 2022

Tierney’s Double Take HIC x PKD-CH VonStoisch Long Time Running CD NS ETD CGN TKN AtoZ PKD-N PKD-TF MTASA Team1Pre CCC2 TT HIC

Cèilidh’s OFA Page

Cèilidh at 6 months old

Cèilidh (Kay-lee) is our keeper from our repeat breeding of Juno and LJ. Her name looks nothing at all like it sounds, it means a party with music, dance and storytelling. She is a little wild, so it fits!

Cèilidh at 4 months old

We are looking forward to getting to work with her. We have big hopes for her in various sports!

Cèilidh earned her first title at 7 months old. She completed the requirements for her Novice Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog! This will also be her first CKC title once submitted as the CKC now recognizes this organization!

7 weeks old
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