Best Baby Puppy in Breed

PKD-CH VonStoisch Long Time Running CD NS ETD CGN TKN AtoZ PKD-N PKD-TF MTASA team1Pre CCC2 TT HIC

Born: February 13, 2018

VP1 V1 Multi V-Rated Can/CFC Ch. Eirians Knock Em Dead Carrabba CGN HIC TT SE x Multi V-Rated Can. Ch. Von Wadge’s Genuine Goods HIC TT SE

CHIC# 170658

Just another big change for 2018, we would like to welcome this little spitfire!  Juno came to us at 8 weeks of age from VonStoisch Rottweilers in Quebec, special thanks to Marie-Josee Gallant for entrusting us with her.

Juno is truly keeping it all in the family for us as she is sired by Grady’s half brother Alasdair and her dam, Prada, is our Scotia’s cousin.  That is truly the main reason why when I found out MJ was breeding this litter, I wanted a part of it if it was in the cards.  And here we are 🙂  We are very grateful.

DSC_0279 2

Juno at 19 months old, September 2019

Juno came along with the big girls to her first dog show at 3 months of age and she took all the crazy smells, sounds, sights at a dog show in stride!

Juno started her show career in August 2018 at the Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty with a second in class showing in the Baby Puppy Female Class. The following day she went Best Baby Puppy in Breed and showed really well!

In April 2019, Juno, at 14 months old, earned her Novice Trick Dog title and her Herding Instinct Certification (HIC) all in one week, as well she also cleared her OFA Eye certification which will be posted to her OFA page once I have a chance to send it in!

In June 2019 Juno earned her first points towards her Novice Sprinter title at the inaugural Sprinter tests of the Foothills Gazehound club!

As of August, Juno has 57 points towards her a Novice Sprinter title!!

Juno passed her OFA Echocardiogram in October 2019, results will be posted to her OFA page when available, link is above!


DSC_0486 2

Juno started off 2020 earning both her Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog titles through Do More With Your Dog!

2020 has been a weird year, very few dog events to attend but in August Juno was able to earn her Temperament Test title with the test held by CADF here in Calgary! Juno also finished her Novice Sprinter title in October 2020 and is now half way to her Sprinter title, she really really loves this game!!

2021 started as the city and province and really, most of Canada is still in lockdown. So we decided to find things to do at home or on walks!

We have welcomed the Universal Canine All Stars program into our home and our dogs are loving it! Juno started the year by earning her HASA (Home Acrobat), UASA (Urban Acrobat), NASA (Natural Acrobat) and MTASA (Master Acrobat) titles. It involves obedience and parkour so we are loving this!!

She also earned her Novice Dog Parkour title through the International Dog Parkour Association.

This was all in January 2021 …..

February 2021, we joined Fenzi Team Titles and started some virtual titling. Juno earned her Cooperative Care Certificate Level 1 with a perfect 10/10 score! She went on to earn her Team1Pre title.

In March, Juno earned her Cooperative Care Level 2 title with all 10 passes! She also earned the new, super fun and challenging AtoZ title through Do More More With Your Dog!, which is the Alphabet Challenge Specialty title where we had to perform 26 tricks from A to Z!

In June 2021 we found out that Juno earned her first parkour specialist title when she earned her Parkour Dog Specialist Two Feet On title! So much fun!

Juno also had her first litter June 19, 2021. 3 girls and 2 boy out of the amazing LJ. Click here for information, we are planning to repeat this litter next year.

In October, being back in shape more or less since having her babies, Juno earned more points towards her Sprinter title!!!

Juno started 2022 with a bang earning her Expert Trick Dog Title through Do More With Your Dog! In April, Juno earned her first CD leg with a 185.5 score at the RDDKC! Also in April, Juno earned her AKC TKN (Trick Dog Novice) Title.

In July we received confirmation that our video submission to the International Dog Parkour Association was reviewed and Juno has earned her Parkour Dog Championship!

July 23, 2022, Juno whelped 2 boys and 2 girls in a repeat breeding of last year’s ‘Marvel’ Litter!

She earned her Canine Good Neighbor title in October 2022 at the CADF test under judge Melissa Mikl.

In December, Juno was entered in 2 novice obedience rounds here in Calgary at our club’s annual trials. Both rounds were lovely, but due to some sniffing issues in our stays in the first round, she came away with only one more leg towards her Companion Dog title. Onto 2023 …..

Juno started off 2023 by finishing her Novice Obedience title at the EKKOC show in Calgary with a High in Class score of 192.

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