Akamai The Sassenach PKD-T NTD 2K-9 MASP MTASA HIC

Born: June 10, 2020

MOTCH Tierney’s Bet’n I’m The One BH RE CA CGC HIC x UCD URO2 Akamai London Calling Eirian CD DD RE CA NS CGN CRNMCL ETD NTD-M AtoZ PKD-T PKD-N MTASA Team1 CCC1 AtoZ TT HIC

Kenzie’s OFA Page

Kenzie at 7.5. Months old

Kenzie is our keeper puppy from our 2020 litter, our Scottish Whisky and Spirits Litter, from our very own Grady and the amazing Leto! She was the yellow colour puppy just like her momma!!

Kenzie, 6 months old

She is proving already to be a happy worker as she earned her very first title at 19 weeks old with her Training Level Dog Parkour title (PKD-T) after having a great set of Dog Parkour classes which includes a title submission if wanted!! We wanted!!!

We are started in obedience already as well, she loves it. And in October 2020 she was able to try her paws at Sprinters with a baby puppy run! That will take some practise :).

2021 started as the city and province and really, most of Canada is still in lockdown. So we decided to find things to do at home or on walks!
We have welcomed the Universal Canine All Stars program into our home and our dogs are loving it! Kenzie started the year by earning her MASP (Manners Performer) and HASA (Home Acrobat) titles. It involves basic canine manners, obedience and parkour so we are loving this!! We have lots more to come with this organization!!

Next for Kenzie was her Novice Trick Dog title through Do More with Your Dog!, also in January!

February, Kenzie earned her Natural Acrobat title (NASA) through Universal Canine All Stars!

In March she completed her Acrobat Stream earning her Urban Acrobat title (UASA) and her Masters Acrobat title (MTASA).

April 10, 2021 Kenzie earned her Herding Instinct Certification with evaluator Billie Richardson. She did so well, I was so pleased with the little one!

May 14, Kenzie earned her DMWYD Fitness Specialty title 2K-9, where her and I tracked our 2 KM walk in the woods! Super fun title to earn!

Kenzie doing a puppy sprinter run!
Kenzie’s amazing daddy Leto
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