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January 2023:

January 23: We celebrate our perfect Scotia’s 12th birthday with a special cake for her and her housemates, and a walk at her favourite park!

January 28: Juno finished her Novice Obedience title at the EKKOC trials here in Calgary with a High In Class score of 192!

December 2022:

December 4: Juno was entered in 2 novice obedience rounds here in Calgary at our club’s annual trials. Both rounds were lovely, but due to some sniffing issues in our stays in the first round, she came away with only one more leg towards her Companion Dog title. Onto 2023 …..

October 2022:

October 22: Juno earned her Canine Good Neighbor title in October 2022 at the CADF test under judge Melissa Mikl.

October 15: Kenzie earned her Advanced Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog!, which is also recognized by the CKC!

October 10: We would like to introduce our keeper from our recent Juno x LJ litter, Cèilidh.

September 2022:

September 24: Both Grady and Kenzie ran two sprinter runs at the Foothills Gazehound Club’s season wrap sprinter weekend. Both girls are now super close to finishing their Sprinter Titles in the spring!

September 30: We received the news that Kenzie’s hip and elbow X-rays were evaluated as Good hips and Normal elbows!

August 2022:

August 20: Juno’s puppies are 4 weeks old today and we still have a male puppy available to an approved home!

July 2022:

July 23: Juno whelps our 2022 litter (no theme chosen as of yet), 2 boys and 2 girls!

July 1: confirmed today that Juno has earned her Dog Parkour Championship title! This was no small feat for us as it took many months to get the submission completed.

June 2022:

June 21: Kenzie earned her AKC Trick Dog Novice title via video submission/evaluation!

June 18: Kenzie earned her Canine Good Neighbour Title held by the Foothills Gazehound Club at Bass Pro Shop! It is was super fun and she did an excellent job!

June 17: Juno has been confirmed pregnant with our 2022 litter, due in late July!

May 2022:

May 29: Juno and Kenzie both attended the CADF Health Clinic and I am happy to report two healthy hearts!

April 2022:

April 1: Juno and I entered into our first obedience trial together at the Red Deer and District Kennel Club, and I am happy to report that despite a few glitches, Juno earned her first CD leg with a Fourth in Class score of 185.5!

April 5: Juno earned her AKC TKN (Trick Dog Novice) title virtually! I am so happy we are able to do this now with our dogs!

March 2022:

The CKC implemented a new Versatility Program in 2022, and I am happy to report that Scotia earned her Versatility Advanced and Grady earned her Versatility Bronze with the addition of their Trick Dog titles through Do More With Your Dog!

March 27: Grady earned her American Kennel Club Trick Dog Novice title through virtual submission as we are lucky enough to have an evaluator here in Calgary!

March 31: Kenzie earned her Parkour Dog Novice title through the International Dog Parkour Association!

January 2022:

January 23: Scotia turns 11! We celebrate her today!

January 4, 2022: Juno completed the requirements for her Expert Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog!

December 2021:

Kenzie earned her first Fenzi Team Title earning her Cooperative Care Certificate Level 1!

November 2021:

November 4: Kenzie earned her Intermediate Trick Dog title through Do More With Your Dog!

October 2021:

October 15: we received news from the International Parkour Association that Grady earned her 4 On Specialist Level 1 title with her submission in September!

October 2: Grady, Juno and Kenzie all participated in the last Sprinter test of the season with the Foothills Gazehound Club. All three girls ran their hardest, both Grady and Juno earned points towards their Sprinter titles (now both well over half way there) and Kenzie finished her Novice Sprinter title running faster than even Juno!

August 2021:

August 24: Grady and I achieved a big thing …. well, mostly it was Grady LOL ….. she earned her Trick Dog Champion through Do More With Your Dog! Which was so much more complicated than I ever thought it would be but it was so worth every minute working with Grady to attain this big goal we had set out to achieve this year!!!

August 21 – Grady and Kenzie had a mommy/daughter event day at the Foothills Gazehound Club’s Sprinter tests. Both ran twice, this was Kenzie’s first time running these tests and she was FAST! She earned 89 points towards her Novice Sprinter title, Grady earned another 81 points towards her Sprinter title!

June 2021: Both Grady and Juno earned their first parkour specialist titles passing their Parkour Dog Specialist Two Feet On (PKD-TF) titles.

June 19, 2021 Juno whelps our 2021 litter, 3 girls and 2 boys.

May 2021:

May 13-15 – Scotia and Grady earned their NTD-M (novice trick dog masters) title and with these two titles (and their previous trick dog titles) along with sister Nessa ‘s NTD title, Scotia earned her Trick Dog Register of Merit title. This was a big one for Scotia and I am so happy she earned this!

Kenzie also wanted to do something so together we did 2KM walk and earned her DMWYD Fitness specialty title 2K-9

And last but definitely not least, Juno is confirmed pregnant and is due mid-June!!

April 2021:

April 27 – Grady’s Novice Parkour Video submission was evaluated by the International Dog Parkour Association and we are happy to report that she passed!

April 10 – Kenzie earned her Herding Instinct Certification under evaluator Billie Richardson at the age of 10 months. She did so well, I was really pleased with her and her sheep 🙂

April 9 – Scotia did not want to be left out of the Alphabet Challenge so she earned her AtoZ as well ❤️! Way to go best girl dog!

March 2021:

Juno and Grady both earned their Alphabet Challenge Specialty title (AtoZ) through Do More With Your Dog! Which is a title where we had to do 26 tricks from A to Z. The links to their YouTube submission videos are here! They were the first and second Rottweilers in the world to earn this title!

Grady also earned her Cooperative Care Certificate level 1 through Fenzi Team titles. And Juno earned her Team1Pre title!

February 2021:

February 6 – Scotia earned her FASP, CASP and MTASP (Fun, Classic and Masters Performer) titles and Kenzie earned her NASA (Natural Acrobat) title Universal Canine All Stars!

February 13 – not only was this Juno‘s 3rd Birthday, but we received word she earned her Cooperative Care Certificate Level 1 title with a perfect 10/10!

February 20 – Grady earned her Fenzi Team Level 1 title with all passes! This was incredibly challenging for both Grady and I but we really enjoyed doing it!

February 27 – Juno earned her Cooperative Care Certificate Level 2 with another 10/10!

January 2021:

So this entry represents a fairly busy January for our girl dogs …. busy without having classes or shows and trials!

I needed something to kick start my wanting to get out and work and train despite no foreseeable upcoming events and this is the result.

Scotia earned one new title with her MASP (Universal Canine All Stars) Performer: Manners title

Scotia has 3 more title submissions waiting to be sent, I am holding off to get a few more video submissions ready for Kenzie before doing so.

Kenzie earned her MASP and HASA (Acrobat: Home through UCAS) and her Novice Trick Dog title through DMWYD.

We are hard at work but waiting for better weather to do a few more videos as we need to do them outside 🥶

Both Grady and Juno went full tilt and earned the following:

HASA – Home Acrobat

UASA – Urban Acrobat

NASA – Natural Acrobat

MTASA- Masters Acrobat

These Acrobat stream titles through Universal Canine All Stars (which is a Canadian 🇨🇦 organization, so we are happy to support them) are mix of obedience and dog parkour which Is right up both Grady and Juno’s alley!

Juno also earned her PKD-N Novice Dog Parkour title through International Dog Parkour Association …..

Now you may ask why I would bother doing all of this? All of the titles above cost money, and only the trick dog titles are recognized by the CKC, but it is so much more to me. These titles above represent many hours of videoing( and deleting and repeating 🤪) exercises, travelling to new places to make sure we have obstacles that were correct and in the correct environment as per the guidelines we were following, making sure a young, very green dog is starting to understand what I am asking of her. Doing all the things that I can while I can’t do all the things I usually do each week under normal circumstances. We haven’t done a video in a week and it feels weird …..

2020 Recap

Well, 2020 was….a year …..

Shout out to the COVID 19 Pandemic for almost no shows, fewer classes, and a general, overall malaise ……

We did our best to do what we could!

Scotia earned her Advanced Trick Dog title from DMWYD, her Novice Sprinter title, and her 4th RAE leg.

Grady earned her Advanced and Expert Trick Dog titles from DMWYD, her Novice Sprinter title but most importantly, she had our amazing ‘Scottish Whisky and Spirits’ litter in June!

Juno earned her Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog titles from DMWYD, her Novice Sprinter title, her Temperament Test title, and the icing on the cake was her completing all of her health testing!

Kenzie joined our family in June when her momma Grady had her :). She has been busy training and learning and in October she earned her Training Level Parkour title!

Now onto 2021, we can only hope for a better year than than 2020!

October 2020:

October 25 – Kenzie earned her first title at 19 weeks old by finishing her Training Level Parkour title (PKD-T) with Paws N Relax! She loves Parkour and we hope to continue on with new sport!

October 3/4 – All three big girls enjoyed some running this weekend at the Foothills Gazehound Clubs Sprinter tests. Juno, Grady and Scotia all finished their Novice Sprinter titles!!!! Even little Kenzie got a puppy practice run!!

September 2020:

September 13 – Scotia attended what will likely be her only rally trials in 2020 (thanks Covid :/) held by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club. I am happy to report she earned her 4th RAE leg ….

August 2020:

All of our puppies went to their new homes, we will have a page added for the little girl that we kept very soon!

August 30 – Juno earned her Temperament Test title at the CADF test that was rescheduled from spring due to COVID. It is so nice to be able to attend a few dog events again after so many months ….

June 2020:

Grady has delivered our 2020 litter on the 10th of June. 3 boys and 3 girls. Visit here for details!!!

May 2020:

Grady is confirmed pregnant and we are eagerly awaiting her babies in June!

Grady earned her Expert Trick Dog title just days before she was confirmed pregnant!

January 2020:

January: Grady earned both her Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame and Versatility awards!

January 24: All three girls were busy during our recent super cold snap here in Calgary doing some really cool tricks and earning some titles while doing it.

Juno earned her Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog titles!  Grady and Scotia both earned their Advanced Trick Dog titles!  These titles were earned through Do More With Your Dog! And as of January 1 of this year these titles are also recognized by the CKC!

December 2019:

2019 Rally Standings are out and we are super pleased to announce Scotia is the ranked NUMBER 2 Rottweiler in Rally Obedience in Canada for the year.  Grady ranked #4 in Canada and Red ranked #6!

December 1 – We wrapped 2019 with our own club trials (Cal K9 obedience Club) and the Bernese Mountain Dog clubs Rally Trials …..

Scotia and I ran 4 rounds in rally where she earned her 4th RAE leg with 100 (HIC) in Excellent and 97 in Advanced which also earned her the High Combined Score for that trial.

She had another perfect 100 (also HIC) in Advanced in the first trial but alas could not hold her butt in the dirt any longer and broke her 10 second stay in Excellent  so she blew her 5th RAE leg … sigh

October 2019:

October 11 – Red Deer And District Kennel Club, Scotia earned her third RAE leg with a 99 in Advanced (Second in Class) and 100 in Excellent (HIC) …. and happily Juno passed her OFA Echocardiogram, the first of her BIG health clearances …. phew

October 6 – The Newfoundland Dog Fanciers Assoc. held their inaugural Sprinter tests in conjunction with the Foothills Gazehound Club and I am happy to report that Scotia earned another 73 points towards her Novice Sprinter title.  Juno naturally came into season 2 days before the test so she gets to wait until next year to run again :/


August 2019:

August 25 – Foothills Gazehound Club ran another Sprinter test and both Scotia and Juno ran!  We are happy to report Juno finally figured it all out 😂 …. and she was only 2.5 kph faster than 8.5 year old Scotia.  Hopefully we will have a few pics from the event later this week!! Both earned points towards their Novice Sprinter titles😊!


August 2-4 Alberta Kennel Club  – We had a fairly busy few days 🙂 … Juno went Reserve Winners Bitch both Saturday and Sunday, although we do need a bit of work on moving out on leash less like a gazelle.

Scotia earned her first 2 legs of her RAE title with 100 (advanced, high in class) and 99 (excellent, third in class) on Saturday, and 99 (advanced, third in class) and 99 (excellent, second in class) on Sunday.  We had a lot of fun in the ring this weekend as well!

Grady played in Rally Excellent both Saturday and Sunday earning scores of 98 (fourth in class) and a 91 (also fourth in class).

July 2019:

Both Scotia and Grady earned their Intermediate Trick Dog titles through Do More With Your Dogs!

June 2019:

Juno earned her first points towards her Novice Sprinter title at the Foothills Gazehound Club’s inaugural trials!  What fun!!!

May 2019:

CKOC Dog show in Calgary (we were only there for the Sunday of the show), Grady finished her Rally excellent title with a third in class score of 97!


Juno showed in conformation really nicely and went Reserve Winners Bitch!

April 2019:

Juno had a busy month, she earned her Novice Trick Dog title through Dog More with Your Dog and then she got to play with sheep for the very first time with the Alberta Australian Shepherd Enthusiasts Club’s Herding Instinct Certification  with the amazing Billie Richardson testing.  She passed and did really well, so we are super pleased.

Juno and Scotia both had did their OFA eye certifications and they both came back with Normal results, which will be submitted soon!

February 2019:

February 17, 2019 – Scotia and Grady earned their Novice Trick Dog titles through Do  More With Your Dog during an extreme polar vortex here in Calgary ….

January 2019:

January 26/27, 2019 – Regina, Saskatchewan; Nessa and her Momma Phyllis earned their first two legs towards their CARO Rally Novice title with a 197 (High in Class) and a 196.  WAY TO GO!!!!

Confirmed that Scotia is the #3 Rally Rottweiler in Canada for 2018, and Grady is the #6 Rally Rottweiler in Canada for 2018!

Off to a great start I think!


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