RCC Versatility Award, RCC Hall of Fame, #4 Rally Advanced Dog in Canada 2010, APDT Rally Achievement Award/Canadian National Rankings, #27 in 2011, APDT Award of Excellence, Multi Best of Breed

Can. Ch. Akamai Bold Ruckus CDI RE RL1 CGN TT HIC

August 5, 2007 – August 3, 2018

SG-rated Can. Ch. Ashemburg’s Dark Side RN CGN TT HIC x Can. Ch. Akamai Time Turner RA CRN CGN TT HIC

CHIC # 57551


Seriously, who could go wrong with a name like Bold Ruckus?  To further the choice of name for this boy, the horse Ruckus had a mare named Raise-A-Ruckus, and for those who knew Ruckus’ dam Moka, they will understand how well this all fits!

So, Ruckus stayed here after a lot of deliberation.  There was just something about him from about 4 weeks old that caught my eye while still in the whelping pen, but as I had the puppies out and about more and more, he just kinda got to me.  He was one of 7 boys in his litter, it wasn’t an easy choice needless to say.

The house had not been the same with out a boy Rottweiler and he just seemed to have what I was looking for.  Ruckus temperament tested much to my delight as a working prospect with great conformation, knowing full well this was going to happen as I was able to teach him to speak in the whelping pen before he had a name at 6 weeks old …. to say he is full of himself is an understatement.

After the loss of my first working Rottweiler Justice, Ruckus had some big paw prints to fill ….

Ruckuc CH pic

Structurally, he is very nice with fantastic bone, a short back, good shoulder layback, nice rear angles and a dark eye.  In his prime at around 5 years old, he was 105lbs just shy of 26 inches tall.

Some of Ruckus’ career highights are as follows:

After Ruckus’s first show weekend, of which he was shown 2 days, he came home with a Reserve Winners Male ribbon and his first point taking Winners Male on Sunday.  He handled beautifully, stood perfectly for exam and moved out great.

Ruckus earned his HIC title in May 2008 with 5 of his siblings.

Ruckus earned 3 more points towards his Canadian Championship in August 2008 in Cranbrook, BC, along with his Temperament test title.  He did so going Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED, breeder-owner handled!  His littermates, Kalli and Brogan, both finished their championships this same weekend which made it all that much more exciting!

water ruckus montana

In Edmonton in September 2008, Ruckus and I thought we would give rally a try for one trial.  Okay, being 13 months old at the time, I didn’t expect too much, but he pulled off his first Rally Novice leg with a respectable 88.  He needed more polishing, but he did well for such a young dog.

We also attended a tracking seminar here in Calgary by Ed Presnell (AKC/CKC tracking judge) in October 2008 where we discovered Ruckus really can track too!!!

In all of his glory, Ruckus finished his RN in Red Deer in November 2008.  My handler error lost him 10 points on Saturday and turned his 90 into an 80, but he earned an 89 on Sunday for the title.  Ruckus turns 15 months the week after he earned this title.  He was certainly amusing to watch I am sure, he was pretty amusing to handle.  I am pretty sure he is spring-loaded after these trials.

We thought it might be nice for Ruckus to enter the show ring again, so at the CKOC show here in Calgary in March 2009, Ruckus did so going Best of Breed over SPECIALS for a 3 point win!  He did so under judge Cheryl Myers Egerton.  He had tons of fun in the ring and although he is still not quite mature, he held his own!

Ruckus finished his Championship in May 2009 in Medicine Hat with 2 more Best of Breed wins!  He was breeder/owner/handled to his all of his points!

At the 2009 RCC National Specialty here in Calgary in July 2009, Ruckus earned the first leg of his PCD title.  He also dabbled a little bit in rally earned a third place score of 97 in rally novice ….  He then went on to finish his PCD at the AKC show 2 weeks later, also in Calgary.  He was surprisingly together and his usual boisterous self in the ring, I was very pleased with him.

Ruckus earned the first leg of his RA title in March 2010 with a score of 95!  He finished his RA title in July 2010 with a 93 and a 97 ….

Ruckus sired his only litter to date April 23, 2010.  4 Boys and 6 girls out of Keran Von Der Wachter Engel HIC.  From this litter there were 2 Canadian Champions, a TD and TDX, Vp-rated puppies, one of which was awarded Most Promising Female Puppy.

Finishing 2010 with some fabulous news …… Once again, never ceasing to amaze me ….. we entered the Novice B ring for the first time together in December 2010 at our Cal K9 Club Trials, something we have worked so hard for …… he was fantastic other than one distracted blip on his part (all part of his charm), and we came out of the ring with a 196.5, Second in Class AND Highest Scoring Breeder/Owner/Handled dog in the trials!!!!!!!!   So very exciting for me as his breeder!!!!!

In very early 2011, we learned that Ruckus would be RCC Honour Roll Eligible for 2011!  Very exciting now that all of the working dogs I have had now have been able to accomplish this award!!!

Next to March 2011 at the CKOC show here in Calgary, Ruckus and I finished off his CD title with a fourth place score of 195.5 (under Judge Terry Gaines) and a third place score of 195 (under Judge Lionel Whitaker, pictured below)!!!  He was rather distracted in his second trial, but it is all a part of the two of us becoming a team and I couldn’t be more happy with him.

In Calgary in July 2011, I thought we’d try a little rally again so in true Ruckus fashion, he earned the first leg of his RE title with a 4th in class score of 97!  He also earned his CGN title in July 2011!  Finally brave enough to do it with Captain Spaz and he did it perfectly!

In October 2011, I thought it time that Ruckus and I try out his APDT Rally number for the first time at Sit Happens here in Calgary!!!  Well, he did great.  2 trials in level one and he surprised me by earning his first 2 legs a 202 (in fifth place) and a 199.  The boy appears to be maturing ….. finally.

Lastly for the year of 2011, Ruckus finished his RE title with 2 of his worst performances ever …. he was distracted and clearly not paying attention.  However, he got the legs, his scores were 81 and 96 respectively. Now we can go back and focus solely on his traditional obedience for a few months.

In March 2012 here in Calgary, Ruckus and I decided to try out the Novice Intermediate transitional obedience class that I have not entered into since Jewel finished her CDI title back in 2006 I believe.  Ruckus worked wonderfully but for one blip in his first trial and earned his first leg with a 185.  I personally screwed up his second trial by telling him to ‘dog’ instead of ‘down’ in the drop from heeling exercise.  He would have had a great round otherwise ….  Whatta good man he is!!!

March 17, 2012 at the Sit Happens! annual St. Patrick’s Day APDT Rally trials, we are happy to announce that Ruckus finished his APDT Rally Level 1 title with a 199 score, plus an extra leg with a score of 191.  He did great!  He also, in finishing this title, also did so with scores that earned him an Award of Excellence!  I am very proud of my boy!


Above is Ruckus at 10 years and 10 months of age, June 2018

April 6, 2012 in Red Deer Kennel Club show, we traveled up for the day with Ruckus to try to get one more leg towards his Novice Intermediate title and he did so with a very nice run.  He worked really well, earned a 188.5 and a second in class with one ‘no sit’, but I got some fabulous compliments from the judge about his work ability and his athletic ability 🙂

May 11, 2012 in Medicine Hat we worked really hard and Ruckus finished his Novice Intermediate title with another second in class and a 191.5 and I think, other than one hiccup on our heel free, was his best run yet!  Awesome buddy …. our picture is above with judge Susan Des Cotes …. this I believe also now makes our token boy Rottweiler Club of Canada Hall of Fame Eligible for 2012!!!

Ruckus attended his very first sieger show in September 2015 at the age of 8 years old, in the veterans class at the RCC Canadian National Sieger show under ADRK judge and Kormeister Helmet Weiler from Germany.  For a dog who has basically been retired for the last few years he did super and showed beautifully.  The veterans were not given ratings but did get critiques….

We lost our big man August 3, 2018, 2 days before his 11th birthday, very quickly and unexpectedly to hemangiosarcoma of the spleen. He was stoic to the end, we had no idea he was sick until he presented with typical signs of this insideous form of cancer.  RIP my big man, it is very likely that no other boy will ever fill your giant paw prints 😦

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